Tuition Policy

To: A&S Department Chairs and Administrative Officers

Subject: A&S Tuition Policy

It is A&S College Policy that in-state tuition should be budgeted in all proposals where there is graduate research assistant budgeted.  The tuition request should be in accordance with the level of support (e.g., if full stipend — equivalent to a .50 FTE GA — then full tuition should be requested).  

There are two exceptions:  1) when the RFP explicitly indicates that tuition support is not an allowable expense; and 2) when there is a budget cap for the proposal and including full tuition would cause the proposal to exceed that cap.  In such cases, PIs may be expected to include a request for partial tuition support, if there is space in the budget.  

Average award size mentioned in the RFP is not a budget cap, it is an average that represents the award, not the request.  The argument that a proposal will exceed the average award size is not justification for excluding tuition from the request.  

Graduate tuition is an allowable cost under OMB Circular A-21 (see section J.45 “Scholarships and student aid costs”).

Current rates Graduate Student Tuition rates as of 2/17/22 are:

Current Ohio Resident Graduate Rate Per Year:  $14,902