5 business day internal submission policy

Updated Policy Forthcoming

To: A&S Department Chairs and Administrative Officers

Subject: 5 Business Day Internal Submission Policy

It is A&S College Policy that all proposals to be submitted for sponsored research must be submitted for approval in Coeus at least five (5) business days before the submission deadline.  

The required components to route Coeus for approval must include a final budget, justification, draft technical section & scope of work (abstract).  The PI can continue to refine project narratives, biosketches, and other components after that time.

This policy allows administrative review to begin with enough time to verify compliance with the RFP and to work on any modifications to budgets, effort commitments, and other financial pieces that may be required.  Notification of an intent to submit can and should be provided as soon as the PI has decided to respond to an RFP.  

Late proposals are at risk for submission failure.  If a proposal cannot be submitted on time, the PI must obtain the A&S Grants office approval to submit a late proposal.  Any pre-proposal, white paper, letter of intent, etc., which requires SPO endorsement is subject to the five day policy.