NEH - Next Generation Humanities Phd

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University of Cincinnati
Next Generation Humanities PhD
Planning Committee Members

  • Niven Abdel-Hamid, Doctoral Student, Department of English and Comparative Literature
  • Lora Arduser, Assistant Professor and Director of the Professional Writing Program, Department of English
  • Fritz Casey-Leininger, Associate Professor of History, Director of the Public History Program
  • Yonatan Eyal, Director of Graduate Studies, The Graduate School
  • Marcy Hawley, Publisher, Orange Frazer Press
  • James Lee, Assistant Professor, Digital Humanities, Department of English and UC Libraries
  • David Merkowitz, Assistant Director, Ohio Humanities
  • Tanja Nusser, Assistant Professor and Director of Graduate Studies, German Studies Department
  • Christopher Phillips, Professor and Head, Department of History
  • Tom Polger, Professor and Head, Department of Philosophy
  • Angela Potochnik, Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies, Department of Philosophy
  • Alex Resley, Retired, Procter and Gamble
  • Bryan Smith,  Associate Director of the Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning
  • Anne Delano Steinert, History PhD student
  • David Stradling, Associate Dean for Humanities, College of Arts and Sciences, and Professor of History
  • Tracy Teslow,  Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies, Department of History
  • Cynthia Treacy, Senior Grants Administrator, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Jay Twomey, Associate Professor and Head, Department of English and Comparative Literature