UC Sensors Community

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Who We Are. We are a community of ~200 sensors researchers from UC, as well as researchers from regional government, industrial and academic laboratories


  • Inform our community and partners of our capabilities in sensor-related activities so we can build productive partnerships and develop funded/fundable collaborations
  • Identify needs and activities of regional industry, government and academic labs so researchers can better position themselves to form productive partnerships
  • Identify major scientific/engineering challenges that members of our community can come together to solve
  • Provide a platform for regional partners to meet students with the possibility of future employment

What We Do. We bring sensor users, sensor developers, users of sensor data, and other experts together in order to leverage our broad expertise, advance research, and increase research funding. Activities include:

  • Annual Sensors Community Retreat
  • Interdisciplinary Seminars
  • Acquiring and Maintaining State-of-the-Art Major Instrumentation
  • Responding effectively to RFPs by Rapidly Assembling Interdisciplinary Teams

To learn more about the UC Sensors Community, we invite you to click the links below.  


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