2016 Awards

Michael Richardson, Psychology, "Sigma Xi's Young Investigator Award".

William Connick, Chemistry, "Tailoring the Colorimetric and Luminescence Response of Supported Platinum (II) Salts for Aqueous Ion Sensing",  National Science Foundation, $450,000.

David Stradling, McMicken College of Arts and Sciences, "University of Cincinnati Next Generation Humanities PhD Planning GrantNational Endowment for the Humanities, $25K & $25K University of Cincinnati.

Aaron Diefendorf, Geology, "Collaborative Research: Identifying basin-specific  controls on isotopic and chronological offsets of lake sediment leaf wax hydrogen isotope recordsNational Science Foundation, (UC portion) $222,636. 

Aaron Diefendorf, Geology, "Evaluating plant carbon isotope fractionation as a pCO2 proxy for the geologic record", National Science Foundation (EAR), $138,189.

Mike Riley (A&S); Suzanne Boyce (CAHS); and Douglas Mast (CEAS),"Improving Speech Motor Performance with Simplified Visual Targets from Ultrasound", Office of the Vice President for Research, $100,000.

Tamera Lorenz (A&S/CEAS); Mike Richardson (A&S); Manish Kumar (CEAS) Anca Ralescu (CEAS); and Adam Kiefer (COM), "Development of a Neurophysiologically Integrated Exoskeleton for Sit-to-Stand Transition Support Based on Multimodal Action Intent Recognition", Office of the Vice President for Research, $100,000.

Bill Heineman (A&S); Noe Alvarez (CEAS); Erin Haynes (COM); and Vesselin Shanov, "Cadmium Sensor for Water and Body Fluids", Office of the Vice President for Research, $35,000.

Robert Buckingham, Math, "New Directions in the Asymptotics of Nonlinear Waves", National Science Foundation, $208,916.

Yanyu Xiao, Math, "Models for the transmission and dispersal of vector-borne diseases," Simons Foundation, $35.000.

Andrew Lorent, Math, "Calculus of Variations, Quasiregular Analysis and Differential Inclusions", Simons Foundation, $35.000.

Thomas Beck, Chemistry, "Quantum Models of Ion Solvation Thermodynamics", National Science Foundation, Chemical Theory, Models, and Computational Methods (CTMC), $434,999.

Grace Thome, Romance Languages, "A Trip to the Arab World - Individual, Family, and CommunityNational Security Agency, STARTALK Program: National Foreign Language Center at the University of Maryland, $76,827.

Department of Chemistry, "Commitment to Diversity Inclusive Excellence", Exemplary Department, Office of the Provost, $40,000. 

Department of Physics, Commitment to Diversity Inclusive Excellence Exemplary Department-Runner Up, Office of the Provost, $20,000.