Our Donors

Since its inception in 2008, the UC Center for Field Studies has been the beneficiary of many generous donors, who have supported the construction of the Court Archaeological Research Facility, the establishment of the C.V. Theis Groundwater Observatory, and the Summer Environmental Research Training Program for Teachers.  These facilities and programs directly contribute to our mission of hands-on environmental education and research to preserve and protect the vital watershed ecosystem of the Ohio River Valley.

We are grateful to all of our individual and institutional donors, including the following:

  • John C. Court Family Foundation
  • Duke Energy Foundation
  • Jeffris Family Foundation
  • The Kleingers Group
  • Miami Conservancy District
  • National Science Foundation
  • Buck Niehoff
  • Scherzinger Drilling Company
  • Terracon
  • THP Limited
  • U.S. Department of Agriculture


And many more.  Thank you!