A&S Ambassadors Committees

Social Committee (Chair Jackie Tran - & Mackenzie Nolte - - Plan, execute and communicate details for fall and spring social activities such as Bowling Party, Basketball Game Tailgate or other activities chosen by the ambassadors.

Community Service Committee (Co-Chairs: Hanna Pfotenhaurer - & Zaria Gray - - Coordinate, plan, execute and communicate details for community service activities for the fall and spring such as Matthew 25 Ministries, Relay for Life or other activities chosen by the ambassadors.

Retreat Committee (Gabrielle Ackerman - - Coordinate, plan, and execute fall and spring retreats for new and returning members of the Ambassador program.

Budget Committee (Co-Chairs: Louise Hyneman - & Jessica Burke - & Jeremy Lifter - - Charged with coordinating the End of the Year/Graduation Celebration Banquet, Bearcat to Bearcat Callouts (spring and fall) and Bearcat Brunch food budgets. Will provide information for ordering pizza for Bearcat to Bearcat Callouts (7 total: 2 fall & 5 spring), End of the Year Banquet (Chipotle, beverages and paper products) and Bearcat Brunches (5 total: 1 fall & 4 spring). This committee will keep an itemized list of expenditures throughout the year. *Because of PCard Advisors will be responsible for actual purchase of food items and receipts. Advisors will share this information and all expenditures with the Budget Committee and provide a copy to them*

Social Media/Communication (Bahar Pahlevani - - Responsible for recording minutes and sending minutes to the General Body and Advisors within two business days. Committee will be responsible for updating the A&S McMicken Ambassadors page on the UC website and updating of Facebook and Twitter at least once a week with current events, upcoming meetings and activites. Supply all websites and social media with photos of current member's names, majors and contact information as appropriate and requested.

Strategic Planning (Emily Greve - & Ciara Catalano - - Responsible for General Body assigning of meeting themes, recording accurate attendance for the General Body meeting and creation of agenda for each meeting. The chair will call the General Body meeting to order and facilitate the agenda. Committee is responsible for emailing attendance to General Body and Advisors within two business days.

Membership Committee (Michelle Braimah - & Abby Fordham - & Meleesha Hodge - - Responsible for Ambassador recruitment, application and interviews of prospective McMicken Ambassadors.

Food Drive Committee (Jackie Tran - & Abby Fordham - - Responsible for collection and distribution of food for St. George Food Pantry on Calhoun Street, serving the needs of the Clifton community.