Lab Policy


Users are responsible for reading and accepting all of the Policies & Guidelines that follow before using the Arts & Sciences IT Services (A&S IT) computer Labs.

Anyone disturbing other users or abusing the equipment or facilities will be asked to leave, and may be barred from use of the facilities. A&S IT may take further action as the situation warrants.

All software accessible on the labs' file server is protected by copyrights and is furnished to A&S IT under licensed restrictions. To comply with the specific terms of site license agreements, A&S IT uses licensing software to limit the simultaneous number of users of any given application. It is unlawful to copy or use this software except in accordance with the terms of the license agreements. Users violating this regulation will be subject to prosecution.

Lab Access

All CURRENTLY Registered Students, Faculty, and Staff may access the A&S IT Computer Labs.

Food and Drink

Food and drinks are prohibited at all times in order to help maintain the safety and cleanliness of the A&S IT computer labs. If users are caught with food and/or drink they will be asked to throw them away. Users not complying with this policy could be asked to leave the lab immediately and possibly lose their computer lab privileges.


All printing from lab computers is done through the University provided Wepa print stations. To find out more about Wepa or to locate the Wepa print station closest to you click here: Wepa Print Station. Please note you must have your Bearcat card to use the Wepa Print stations.


Currently, a user is not restricted to a time limit at a workstation. However, this is subject to change according to management.

The viewing of pornography in the public labs is expressly prohibited, as is all non-academic use. If there are students waiting for workstations and a user is playing games, chatting, etc., then the user will be asked to leave the lab immediately. Note, the user will not be asked to start doing academic work, they will simply be asked to leave the lab. Users not complying with this policy may lose their computer lab privileges.

Workstations are available on a first come, first serve basis. No reservations will be accepted.

Users are required to logout after they are done using the workstations.


Noise must be kept to a minimum. Neither loud conversations nor radios without headphones are permitted. Cellular phone use is also prohibited. Users of CD ROM drives are expected to bring their own headphones.


Users are not permitted to open lab cabinets or supply closets. Please contact the appropriate department personnel if you think supplies need replenished.

Users are not permitted to modify lab hardware in any manner.
All systems are equipped with at least one form of writable, portable storage. Currently supported formats consist of a CD-RW, DVD, and/or USB Port. Users are not restricted from saving documents or projects locally in the C:\temp folder; however, saved items could and in most cases are removed upon logoff or reboot.

Lab phones are for official use only. Lab users should not receive or make calls.
Please remember to turn off the document camera and data projector when finished. The replacement lamps for the data projector alone cost approximately $500.00. Please ensure the door to the computer lab is locked when you leave.

Computer Viruses

If you suspect the presence of a computer virus, please submit a ticket by calling (513) 556-4357 (HELP) or by submitting a ticket to