Software Installation Policy

If you require any additional software for your class, please notify A&S IT Services so we can review your requirements 4-6 weeks prior to the start of the quarter in which you will be using it. In order to install software, a licensed copy of the installation media must be provided to A&S IT staff, unless the software title is open or free. A&S IT Services can deny installation of any software title if it is determined that installing this software will violate any licensing restrictions or adversly affect the operation of the system.

Please Note:
The complexities of current software demand careful attention to licensing, hardware requirements and operating system compatibility. Therefore, it is recommended that installation is performed during quarter breaks to allow for potential installation problems, which may otherwise result in class disruption.

To request software installation, please fill out the Software Maintenance Form (DOC) or for more information feel free to submit a ticket to the UCIT help desk at (513) 556-4357 (HELP) or and someone from ASIT will be in touch with you to answer your questions.

How do I request software be added in the labs?

Faculty / Staff or a graduate student with a faculty sponsor may submit the Software Maintenance Form to their A&S IT Contact for software to be used in their classes. Such requests should be made by midterm of the quarter prior (approx. 6 weeks) to when the software will be needed for instruction.


Department/faculty requested software must serve a significant number of students and be funded and supported by the requester. Generally, we require the software six weeks before the start of the quarter in order to test compatibility with the operating system and ensure there are no conflicts with other software.

A separate image must be created for each public facility and then loaded on the computer hard drives. Consideration must be given to the settings and configurations for each application, drivers required for printers and other peripherals and how each application works with the others. In order to resolve conflicts between programs, extensive testing must be done by A&S IT for each image.

We will not install software unless it has been tested separately and with the other applications. This safeguard requires that the software image be built between quarters and cannot be changed while classes are in session.


All software requested to be installed by A&S IT Services on public machines must be licensed. Please note that there are different types of licenses. Some applications require a license for each machine where it is installed; others permit a site license covering all machines in a specific area. Other vendors allow metering, i.e., ten licenses can be installed on many machines as long as only ten machines at a time are actively using the software. Other licenses are freeware and have no limit for installation.

Licensing documentation must be included with the Software Maintenance Form and the vendor must support the installed version under the current operating system. If the software you request is already installed in the lab or classroom, it is available for your use. But please be advised that the number of copies and/or hours of availability may be limited and it may be removed by the initial requester.