2017 Retirement Tributes

Jay Twomey, Department Head (English), presented tribute to Geri Hinkle- Wessling, who will be retiring from A&S in December 2017 (transcripts below). 


Geri Hinkle-Wesseling, who will retire at the end of the calendar year, has been a sure and steady leader not just in English or in the other departments she now assists, but in the college.  Leader, yes.  Without Geri's steadfast guidance, her clear authority on nearly any matter pertaining to our operations (but this is especially true of business matters), her rigor, integrity, and commitment, as well as her good humor – it takes a sense of humor to put up with hapless academics – English would surely have foundered long ago.  We've been able to weather financial crises and come out ahead, all thanks to Geri. 

It's not just the department, though.  The college has consistently recognized Geri's leadership capacities as well, calling upon her frequently for assistance and advice.  Ever since the clusters were established, Geri has likewise provided strong support to the staff under her, setting the bar high and leading by example.  That this group of staff seems happy and cohesive is largely a testament to Geri's community-building efforts.  She puts all of her heart and mind into her job, putting her health on the line at times in order to get the work done.  And what is that work?   Not just balancing the books or supporting policies but taking care us, staff, students, and faculty.  With Geri it’s personal.  She genuinely cares about all of us and about the college.  To call her inspiring would be an understatement.  I’ve come to think of her as a trusted colleague and valuable friend.  I admire her and will miss her immensely when she leaves UC for her well-deserved retirement.    

Jeannette L. Mautner, Sr. Assistant Dean for Academic Processes, presented tributes to retirees, Barb Bucy and Gail Stocker (transcripts below). 


Over the years, Barb has taken on more and more responsibilities and projects.

She beautifully handles many elements of both E-Curriculum and Freshman Orientation. Each year, she chairs our annual holiday gift-giving project for those less fortunate. She maintains a strong working relationship with our faculty and staff and can talk to 3 people or 300 people with dignity and respect.

With all of that, she’s still relatively sane AND she still has that wicked sense of humor that we love. Barb has always been able to see the “big picture” and because of that, she is a strategic thinker who understands the best way to get a job done She is a great mom, raising three amazing children and each of them is a success story

Barb has weathered a few “storms” over the years, from the redesign of our curriculum to a reorganizing of our advising center to semester conversion to Catalyst.  And with each challenge, she comes out ahead of the game, and not completely crazy.

A&S Undergraduate Affairs and Advising would not be the successful powerhouse it is today without Barb’s leadership.

We value her as a colleague and as a friend and she is going to be missed by everyone. UC and A&S will not be the same without her.


Gail is one of the sweetest, most sincere and most genuine people you would ever want to meet. She was one of the first people who greeted me with a smile and a hug when I moved to A&S.  I swear, she hasn’t aged a day in all those years since! She has managed to maintain her sweet disposition and MOST of her marbles over the past 40 years in A&S, which is no easy task!  UC is the first and only place she has worked since graduating from high school!

Gail is amazing with our students, as she helps them navigate through the fairly complicated process of transfer admissions. She worked tirelessly to establish Omega Delta Sigma, a fraternity of U.S. Veterans, at UC and she was even made an honorable member of that group. She is still closely connected with all of the chapter’s members. She works hard to make sure nothing is delayed for our students, and she stays with it until it’s done to her satisfaction

I don’t know of anyone on this campus who has a bigger heart, a more beautiful smile, a more positive attitude, or a stronger commitment to our students.

She is going to be missed, but we are all so happy for her as she embarks on the next of life’s adventures.