Staff Policies

Recognition and Reward Program for Staff Members

The College of Arts and Sciences Recognition and Reward Program is a means to recognize and reward staff members with two purposes:

  1. "Exceptional Performance Award"- Performance that has a significant impact upon the mission of their department or college and the university;

  2. "Above and Beyond Professionalism Award"- Providing exemplary quality service to a student, group of students, or parents of their own unit or another campus unit.

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Collateral Staff Policies

A university employee may engage in collateral employment only during the time the employee is not scheduled for work at the university and provided that the appropriate vice president approval.

University Rules

Personnel Rules (Division 30) Benefits; Classification; Compensation; Compensation and attendance; Conduct and discipline; Employment; Grievance; Human Resources Organization; Performance evaluation and probation; Records; Retirement; Termination; Time off from work; Work hours

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