Managing Graduate Enrollments to Assure Appropriate Registration

Appropriate Registration for Scholarships and Subsidy Ohio Board of Regents (OBR) Head Count

The Graduate Staff Person in each A&S department is involved in assuring that our graduate student enrollment is accurate and appropriate in time for the OBR count each semester. The graduate assistantships and graduate scholarships awarded to graduate students require an enrollment of graduate credit hours. The required credit hours depend on the type of award, the source of award funding and the situation of the individual student.  Information about registration requirements can be found in the A&S Guidelines for Graduate Scholarships Link to Requirements for UGS awards

UC's state subsidy is determined by OBR head counts taken each semester. It is important to verify that each graduate student is enrolled and coded accurately and appropriately before the OBR count day. The following resources are available for use in checking and monitoring the registrations.

Registration data is provided on the Arts and Sciences Business Office Data Warehouse. The data is pulled from UniverSIS (via BI-Query and the UC-Student Data Warehouse) by the A&S college office. The registration data should be current as of the close of business one day prior to the date on data.

The list of graduate scholarships recipients is provided. The data is also from UniverSIS. The award data should be current as of the close of business one day prior to the date on the printout.

Various student records and student accounts data are available on-line through UniverSIS. STUD-SCHEDULE, GRADE-REPORT, STUDENT-BILL, E160..., and STUDENT-CONTRACT should be useful for checking on registration changes, billing problems, and graduate scholarship awards. Link to UniverSIS

The Schedule of Important Dates-OBR count details the steps that need to be done by specific points in the academic term.

Contact the A&S Business Office (6-5845, if you need someone's academic program corrected. The Graduate School or Registrar's staff can usually facilitate the correction.

Contact the A&S Business Office (6-5845, if you detect any irregularities in the data or if you have any questions, suggestions or comments on the data, or if you have questions about the data you can access in UniverSIS.