Early Intervention System

Early Intervention System

The Early Warning System is now a university-wide system administrated through the registrar's web site. Visit the registrar's web site and use your class list to flag a student for early warning.

Early Intervention Frequently Asked Questions

Using the UC Early Intervention system

  1. Log in to the Instructor Class List system on the Registrar's Web site (go to Faculty & Staff > Class Lists). Username and password information can be obtained from the Registrar's office by calling 556-9900.

  2. After logging in, select the current term

  3. Select the class of the student you wish to report

  4. Under Early Intervention check the student(s) you are reporting, then click Early Intervention

  5. Complete an Early Intervention report for each student by checking where appropriate unsatisfactory performance regarding Attendance, Assignments and Tests/Quizzes. Then include in the Comments box recommended actions or other information helpful to the college office in supporting the student.

  6. Click Submit

  7. An acknowledgement will be displayed indicating that the form(s) have been submitted.

  8. For each student, an email report is generated and sent to the student's home college of enrollment. In the case of A&S, Jeanette Songer, Assistant Dean.

  9. Reports are distributed to an academic advisor for follow up

  10. Students are contacted and counseled or referred as appropriate

  11. Students are asked to report back to the professor their plans for improvement

  12. Reporting instructors can view the content of their report(s) by returning to the Instructor Class List and clicking Details next to a reported student's name.