A&S Staff Board


The McMicken College of Arts & Sciences Staff Board advocates for all staff
within our college, provides advice on staff matters to our Dean, and leads
innovation across the University.  Our mission is to:

  • Welcome, educate, and mentor new college staff members
  • Intentionally promote diversity and inclusion in all that we do
  • Support, develop, and promote staff members and staff activities
  • Inform other University constituents

We welcome you to attend a meeting or to submit any suggestions or concerns to us.
For more information, please contact the A & S Staff Board via email.

To nominate yourself for a seat on the A & S Staff Board, please complete
the form here
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The College of Arts & Sciences now has a Professional Development Fund to support A&S Staff by providing monetary awards to enhance professional skills.

A&S Staff members can apply for funds to cover the costs associated with professional development opportunities including but not limited to conferences (participation, presentation, or attending), professional events at local, state, regional, national, or international level venues, books or required materials for courses or professional trainings, internal workshop fees, continued learning courses, or any other reasonable and justifiable cost that supports professional development.

-         Applications will be reviewed on a monthly basis at A&S Staff Board meetings.

-        Awards will be made based on a majority vote.

-        Maximum award will be $500.

-        Applications should be made in accordance with all College and University regulations and policies.

We look forward to reviewing your application for consideration. (<--Click Here for application!)  Please return completed form to artscistaffboard@ucmail.uc.edu. We look forward to hearing from you!


Mike Sonntag, Chair – Human Resource Director, Business Office

Amy Jones, Vice Chair - Grant Administrator 2, Pre-Award Services Offce

Sarah Logan, Secretary - Program Coordinator, Psychology

Jennifer Lange, Treasurer - Business Manager, GRECH Cluster

Tom Biven - Academic Adviser, A&S Declared Undergraduates

Megan Carr – Sr. Lab Associate, Biological Sciences

Kathy Collins - Program Coordinator, A&S - UC Foundation

Alexa Justice - Program Coordinator, Sociology

LaDreka Karikari - Associate Director, A&S Academic Recruitment 

Jenny Lin - Program Manager, English

Carol Tonge Mack - Assistant Dean, Academic Services

Cindy Treacy - Sr. Grant Administrator, Pre-Award Services Office

A&S Staff Suggestion Box

We are interested in hearing from you about any suggestions, comments, or concerns that you may have concerning A&S. Click here to submit anonymously or submit your contact information for feedback! 


A&S Aphorisms 

“A ship in the harbor is safe…but that is not what ships are built for.” 

 John A. Shedd