Departmental Contacts (Hiring)

Department Contact
Faculty Hires (All Departments) Mike Sonntag
Student Hires (All Departments) Jodi Bridges
Cluster 1 Jodi Bridges
-English & Comparative Literature
-Romance Languages & Literature
-German Studies (includes Asian Studies)
Cluster 2 Jodi Bridges
Cluster 3 Mike Sonntag
-Political Science
-Africana Studies
-Judaic Studies
-Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies
The News Record Jodi Bridges
Administrative Units Mike Sonntag
Biological Sciences Mike Sonntag
Environmental Studies Mike Sonntag
Chemistry Mike Sonntag
Geology Jodi Bridges
Mathematical Science Mike Sonntag
Physics Jodi Bridges
Psychology (includes Organizational Leadership)  Jodi Bridges
Taft Research Center Mike Sonntag