How to Submit a Subaward

A Subaward is an Agreement between the University and a third-party organization, which may also be referenced to as a subrecipient

When working with Subawards, one institution submits one proposal through FastLane and subawarded amounts for each participating institution are included in the budget.  With a Subaward arrangement, the main institution receives the money from NSF and then administers the subawarded funds with each participating instruction.

The terms and conditions of each Subaward are as unique as the Agreement itself, as these are based upon specific RFP requirements. Although these conditions may differ, there are certain pieces of documentation needed for all subawards

  • The contact information of the individual(s) responsible for the submission of proposals at the partnering institution(s). 
  • From the partnering institution(s)
    • Subaward Budget
    • Justification
    • Scope/Statement of Work (SOW)
    • Biosketch of PIs/Co-PIs/Key Personnel
    • Current and Pending of PIs/Co-PIs/Key Personnel
    • Signed Letter(s) of Institutional Endorsement 
  • Start and End Date of the Proposal
  • Title of the Proposal
  • Confirmation and/or copy of the correct Solicitation. 

Further information can be obtained with your department's Business Manager or our office. 

Note: Submitting a Collaborative Proposal to NSF in FastLane is similar to submitting Subaward. The primary difference is that a Collaborative Proposal requires EACH participating institution to create its own proposal in FastLane and is linked with a PIN number. The advantage of submitting a Collaborative Proposal is that each institution receives awarded monies directly from NSF, which reduces administrative workloads.