Early Career Faculty Opportunities

Early Career Faculty Opportunities

While many proposals do not specify years of research experience required to submit a proposal, there are many programs targeted toward new / early career faculty.

These programs target postdoctoral investigators and new faculty, typically up to the rank of Assistant Professor, and is designed to support career development. Each agency has its own specific qualifications, so it is important to read each solicitation to make sure that you qualify. To make your job a bit easier, we have provided a list of regularly issued opportunities. 


Agriculture and Food Research Initiative (AFRI). National Institute of Food and Agriculture (D.o.A.). Supports new investigators with limited scientific publication records and less than five years post-grad, career track experience. May not have previously received federal research funds. Various Due Dates, Specified by Program Area. https://nifa.usda.gov/program/agriculture-and-food-research-initiative-afr

Early Career Research Program. Office of Science (D.o.E.)Supports the development of research programs of outstanding scientists early in their careers in disciplines include scientific computing research, biology, environmental science, energy science, fusion energy science, high energy physics, and nuclear physics. Pre-application is due September and the full application is due in November. http://science.energy.gov/early-career/

Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Development Program. National Science Foundation (NSF)Supports the development of researchers and educators who effectively integrate teaching, learning, and discovery. Due July. http://www.nsf.gov/funding/pgm_summ.jsp?pims_id=503214

New Investigator Program in Earth Science (ROSES). NASASupports scientists within five years of a terminal degree. Due dates vary and are released every two years. http://www.federalgrants.com/ROSES-2015-New-Early-Career-Investigator-Program-in-Earth-Science-51342.html

Plant Genome Research Program (PGRP): Early Career Investigator Awards in Plant Genome Research. National Science Foundation (NSF)Supports participation of early-career scientists in plant genome research. Focus areas vary annually. Due May. https://nsf.gov/funding/pgm_summ.jsp?pims_id=5338

Young Investigator Program. Air Force Office of Scientific Research (D.o.D.). Supports academic scientists who have received their Ph.D. within the last five years and have show exceptional ability for conducting basic research. Due July or August. http://www.wpafb.af.mil/news/story.asp?id=123436763

Young Investigator Program. Army Research Office (D.o.D.). Supports outstanding young faculty members to support their research and encourage their teching/research careers. Open Due Date. http://www.wpafb.af.mil/library/factsheets/factsheet.asp?id=9332

Young Investigator Program. Office of Naval Research (D.o.D.)Supports the creative research of academic scientists,  who are in their first or second full-time tenure track. Due Early January. http://www.onr.navy.mil/en/Science-Technology/Directorates/office-research-discovery-invention/Sponsored-Research/YIP.aspx


Beckman Young Investigators. Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation Letters of Intent are due online by August 15, 2016. http://www.beckman-foundation.org/programs/beckman-young-investigators-program-information

Centennial Fellowship. American Mathematical Association. Supports outstanding mathematicians to help further their careers in research. Must have held doctoral degree for at least three years and not more than twelve. Preference given to candidates without previous extensive fellowship support. Due December 1.  http://www.ams.org/programs/ams-fellowships/centennial-fellow/emp-centflyer

Congressional Fellowship Program for Political Scientists. American Political Science Association. Supports early- to mid-career political scientists by allowing them direct participation in legislative congress. Must have PhD completed within 15 years or a dissertation near completed. Due December. Congressional Fellowship Program for Political Scientists. http://www.apsanet.org/cfp

Fellowship. American Council of Learned Societies. Supports all disciplines in the humanities and related social sciences. Due September or October. http://www.acls.org/grants/default.aspx?id=354

Packard Fellowships for Science and Engineering. The David & Lucile Packard Foundation. Limited to two nominations per invited institution, this program supports future leaders to explore innovative paths in their fields of studies that will lead to groundbreaking discoveries. Due April. https://www.packard.org/what-we-fund/conservation-and-science/science/packard-fellowships-for-science-and-engineering/

Smithsonian Institution Postdoctoral Fellowship Program. Numerous, annual Fellowships. Supports graduate, pre-doctoral, or post-doctoral students or granted non-competitively to visiting professionals, students, scientists, or scholars. http://www.smithsonianofi.com/blog/2012/12/26/smithsonian-fellowships/

U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum/Institute of Contemporary History Munich Exchange of Scholars Program. Jack, Joseph, and Morton Mandel Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies Exchange of Scholars ProgramSupports PhD, post-doc researchers, or junior faculty (after 2011). https://www.ushmm.org/research/competitive-academic-programs/scholar-exchange

Young Investigator Award. Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation. Provide start-up funds for new scientists at the end of their fellowship training or early in their research career. Due December 2016.  http://www.alexslemonade.org/sites/default/files/2016_Young_Investigator_Guidelines_Final.pdf