Picnic Potluck

Advising Team

In this picture: Gail Kiley (Assistant Director - Academic Services), Tom Bevin (Academic Advisor), Keri Eason (Assistant Director - Exploratory Studies), Brittany Miller (Academic Advisor), David Gillespie (Assistant Director - Advising), and Matt Picket (Assistant Director - Exploratory Studies

Potluck Pictures w/ Sr. Assoc. Dean Arnold Miller

In this picture: Samantha Burgess  (Summer Co-Op), Arnie Miller (Sr. Associate Dean), Loren Papin (Academic Advisor), and Lindsey Monnin (Academic Advisor). 

Potluck Pictures

In this picture: Ken Petren (Dean) and Alan Bothe (Program Coordinator

Potluck Pictures

In this picture: Barb Bucey (Director  - Academic Services), Marilyn Kershaw (Director - Chief Diversity Officer), Cammie Hulett (Associate to the Dean); Lisa Griffith (Assistant Director - Advising), Pam Rogers (Assistant Director - Advising), and Gail Kiley (Assistant Director - Advising). 

Potluck Pictures

In this picture:  Liz Daniel (Sr. Academic Administrator), Hannah Becker (Grant Administrator), Marissa Pauly (Program Manager), Yu-Chin Fu (Director - ASIT), and Danielle Petermann (Financial Administrator).