Phillip Neal Ritchey

During his career, Professor P. Neal Ritchey published widely, authoring over 45 articles and book chapters, as well as dozens and dozens of technical reports, on topics as diverse as the demography of green monkeys, the psychology of prejudice, the measurement of headache symptoms, and the international determinants of health. He also has regularly consulted on other faculty member's research projects and has been an exemplary faculty member.

In addition to a distinguished record of scholarship, Neal has provided the department with years of valuable teaching, bringing his profound knowledge of the research methodology, statistics, demography, and the art of teaching to the classroom. Since joining the faculty at UC in 1976, Neal has mentored over two dozen graduate students to their successfully earning either a doctorate or a master's degree; in all he has served on over 80 graduate committees in a diverse array of departments - Criminology, Education, Epidemiology, Geography, History, Management, Marketing, Nursing, and Psychology. His efforts on behalf of graduate students has garnered him awards from the department's Graduate Lyceum. He has served in numerous departmental, college, and professional organizations. His contributions have consistently strengthened the department and his colleagues.