Kathy Tepperman

Kathy Tepperman retired after thirty six years in the Department of Biological Sciences at UC. During her tenure here Kathy has made significant contributions to our research, teaching, and service efforts. Especially during the last several years the department has relied heavily on her major teaching, service, and student advising efforts.

After her initial training at Middlebury College and the University of Connecticut, Kathy focused her research efforts on cell and developmental biology. Much of her research productivity was centered on the biology and chemistry underlying the use of gold-based drugs. Even before it was fashionable, Kathy had extensive collaborative research efforts with faculty members in the Chemistry Department and the UC medical school. Throughout her tenure as a faculty member here at UC Kathy successfully advised many M.S. and Ph.D. students in her laboratory.

Kathy's career arc and departmental citizenship has been a role model to many of us. Upon closing her lab after several active decades of research, she has served as graduate director and more recently, undergraduate director, for extended periods of time. As just a few examples of her impact, she has overseen the department's conversion to semesters, managed major overhauls of our undergraduate curriculum, and pitched in with huge efforts such as the reform of our large, introductory sequences for non-science majors, helping construct a truly integrated, year-long sequence that incorporated modern teaching approaches.

Kathy will be sorely missed around the department, as she plans on spending more time with her children and especially her grandchildren.