Professional Film Internships

For decades, numerous award-winning films have been shot in Cincinnati, from Best Picture Winner “Rain Man” to more recently, Oscar-nominated “Carol.” And for decades, our students and alumni have been involved in various aspects of these local films – and those filmed elsewhere!! 

Most recently, DMC students worked as interns for ten weeks during the production of “Killing of a Scared Deer”, a film by award winning filmmaker Yorgos Lanthimos starring Nicole Kidman and Colin Farrell. 

As films come to town, DMC students intern not only on set, but in the production office, the art department, the costume department, the camera department, and more due to the program’s unique interdisciplinary nature. 

“I have never worked in a city that had so many set opportunities for film students. The head of the film commission, Kristen Schlotman, is a powerhouse who deserves applause for the incredible job she has done of turning this city into one of the nation’s top destinations for film production. We have freshmen students in our program who are already working on their second feature, and they have only been in school for ten weeks. This is unprecedented. ~Kristyn Jo Benedyk (Digital Media Collaborative – Faculty) 

Guest Speaker & Film Screening Series 

Both the DMC as well as UC’s Center for Film and Media Studies host numerous events and screenings all year long. Content creators from all disciplines, from narrative film to documentary filmmaking to animation and more, come to Cincinnati from all around the globe to screen their work, visit classrooms, and participate in question and answer sessions. 

Los Angeles Internship Program 

Beginning May 2017, you will have the opportunity to spend the summer in Los Angeles doing an internship in the area of your choice, while meeting for class twice a week to hear guest speakers from the film, television, and media world. The program will include a fee that covers all housing, studio tours, events, and an industry networking party where you will meet University of Cincinnati alumni living and working in Los Angeles. 

Film and Media Abroad 

Through UC International, you have the opportunity to participate in a variety of film and media related study abroad experiences. You can spend an entire semester living outside of the United States, or you can choose to participate in one of our shorter (1-3 week) study trips. Some of these options include:

  • Stand alone programs to London or the Paris Film Studies Tour
  • Study trips associated with a course. DMC 3085 Filmmaking Abroad is an example of this. If you enroll in this class, you will:
    • prepare a short film
    • travel abroad to shoot the film over Spring Break
    • return to edit the film

For a complete list of international experiences, visit the UC International website.


Annual Cinematic Arts and Media Showcase (CAMS) 

Each April, the DMC hosts an annual showcase of the best film and media work created by students in the preceding year. Held in the Main Street Cinema, students submit their work for consideration in the weeks leading up to the event. A panel of faculty members select a total of two hours of projects to screen at this free and public event. It is a great opportunity for students to see their work in front of an audience on the big screen, to celebrate the collective success of all DMC and media students at UC, as well as to meet potential new collaborators. 

Funding for Student Media Projects 

The DMC provides funding each semester for student film and media productions and research projects. Students can submit for funding regardless of the year they are in. Interdisciplinary projects will be awarded higher amounts, to encourage students from multiple areas to work together.