Digital Media Collaborative Students: Complete Your First Year Online

Incoming 2020-21 DMC majors offered flex schedules

The digital revolution was well underway even before the Covid-19 pandemic hit and hundreds of millions of people around the world found themselves going digital at a scale and pace that would have been unimaginable just a few months ago.

Now, more than ever, it is essential to have the skills to communicate across digital platforms and the knowledge to understand how these platforms work. The Digital Media program at UC provides you with the skills and knowledge to work and thrive in the digital world.

In these uncertain times, we want to enable you to begin your studies in the program whatever the world looks like next year, and wherever you find yourself. 

As a new student in the Digital Media Program at UC, you will have the opportunity to begin your studies online this year and move seamlessly onto campus whenever you are able, without missing one credit of progress toward your degree.

Wherever you happen to be in the upcoming academic year, the Digital Media Collaborative will be right there with you.

For more information, please contact Senior Academic Advisor Emily Cloud at, or (513) 556-5860.

Questions? Please select from our FAQs below.

Will I be able to get to know my fellow majors, both on campus and online?

Collaboration is at the heart of what we do. Digital Media students and instructors work together on film shoots, animation projects, and game designs, watch movies together, and share ideas every day of the semester. These interactions become more challenging in a time of social distancing, but if any program can find ways to overcome these obstacles, it’s one that works in digital media. To make sure that all Digital Media students are part of the community, wherever they happen to be, we will be offering online Learning Communities and regularly scheduled digital gatherings to bring our students and instructors from all over the world together throughout the semester to work on projects, share ideas, and discuss the digital revolution that is unfolding before us.

What would my course schedule look like?

Students will work closely with dedicated advisors to select their courses based on their areas of interest. All new students will take the foundational courses: DMC 1000 (Foundations of Digital Media) and DMC 2000 (Digital Storytelling I) in the Fall and DMC 2001 (Digital Storytelling II) in the Spring. Students can choose from two of the gateway courses in the Fall: DMC 2015 (Introduction to Screenwriting) and DMC 2155 (Introduction to Animation) and all four gateway courses in the Spring, adding DMC 2130 (Introduction to Filmmaking) and DMC 2167 (Introduction to Game Design). In addition, the program will offer many choices of electives in media aesthetics and practice in both semesters.

What if I decide to begin online in the Fall and come to campus in Spring?

You can move seamlessly to on-campus learning in any semester. All foundational and gateway courses are offered both remotely and in-person (when permitted). Instructors work closely with one another to ensure that remote and on-campus students have the same learning outcomes and are ready to move to the next level.

What about internships and co-ops?

We had several projects employing dozens of students underway this semester. Some of these have continued with an altered plan, others have been postponed until social distancing guidelines have lifted. New projects are certain to come up. We post opportunities on our dedicated Canvas page and will ensure that remote learners have access to these opportunities. 

What’s the difference between online and remote courses?

Remote courses will schedule regular meeting times for discussion and interaction, much like in a classroom setting, though they can be more flexible than in-person schedules. Online courses have an even more flexible schedule and pace. All instructors are highly engaged with students.

Do you have a complete list of remote and online courses for Fall Semester?

Yes, we have already scheduled for Fall Semester. The following courses will be offered online and remotely.

  • Foundational and Gateway Courses
    • DMC 1000 Foundations of Digital Media
    • DMC 2000 Digital Storytelling I
    • DMC 2015 Introduction to Screenwriting
    • DMC 2155 Introduction to Animation
  • Focus Courses
    • DMC 1186 Editing
    • DMC 2055 Writing the TV Series
  • Media Aesthetics Courses
    • DMC 1055 TV Genres
    • DMC 2016 Script to Screen
    • DMC 2050 Classic Hollywood Film Structures
    • DMC 2071 Award Winning Film & TV

How about Spring Semester?

We plan to offer all courses listed for Fall Semester again in the Spring. Plus, we plan to add:

  • DMC 2001 Digital Storytelling II
  • DMC 2130 Introduction to Filmmaking
  • DMC 2167 Introduction to Game Design

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