Undergraduate Student Spotlight

Jillian Cordial, Political Science Major

Jillian Cordial

My name is Jillian Cordial, and I am majoring in Political Science with a minor in Women, Gender, and a certificate in Legal Studies. The University of Cincinnati has given me the chance to pursue opportunities I didn't even know existed. I have been able to intern with the Ohio Innocence Project whose primary mission is to exonerate those wrongfully imprisoned. I learned a lot about our legal system as well as became more understanding of people from all walks of life. I was  able to pursue this internship while receiving class credit. UC acknowledges and commends its students' accomplishments. This Fall, I received the Taft Undergraduate Research Award to conduct research, regarding how the International Court of Justice handles property disputes between states. My research will consist of intensive study as well as a study abroad portion to Brussels and the Hague. Dr.Ivanov will mentor me through the research process as well as accompany me abroad. The university currently employs me as a Peer Leader which means I help first-year students transition to college. I work directly with political science students as I want all students to be aware of the many opportunities the program has to offer. The professors at UC help students pursue their goals, and the political science program is like no other.