Debate Watch

Poster for Debate watch event, Sunday, Oct 9, 8:30 - 11 p.m at TUC Great Hall

7:00-8:15pm - Dinner buffet for Political Science alumni/donors (TUC 400)

Political Science alumni/donors can sign-up for the dinner buffet at Tickets are complimentary.

8:30-8:55pm - Panel Discussion from Political Science faculty (TUC Great Hall)

Dr. Richard Harknett
Prof. of Political Science
Head of the School of Public and International Affairs

will lead a panel discussion featuring:

Dr. David Niven
Asst. Prof. of Political Science

Dr. Rebecca Sanders
Asst. Prof. Political Science
Affiliate Faculty Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies

Dr. Rina Williams
Asst Prof. of Political Science
Affiliate Faculty
Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies and Asian Studies

Discussion will include:

  • a brief overview of the state of the election nationally
  • the importance of Ohio to both campaigns
  • international and foreign policy issues
  • the role of ethnicity, race, and voting blocs in the campaign

Mobile Pre-Debate Online Survey – The Political Science faculty will be conducting a mobile pre-debate online survey of the audience starting at 8:30pm. Come participate in an audience experiment in social media polling with analysis provided by Dr. Stephen Mockabee, Associate Professor and Graduate Program Director, and Dr. Jack Mewhirter, Assistant Professor of International Affairs.

9:00-10:30pm - 2nd Presidential Debate Watch

We will watch the 2nd Presidential Debate Watch in TUC Great Hall. Snacks and refreshments will be provided. During the event, faculty will be commenting via the @UCDebateWatch Twitter account. Make sure your comments include the hashtag #UCDebateWatch!

10:30-11:00pm - Faculty Q&A with Live and Online Audience

After the debate ends, another panel of experts will be ready to answer questions from the live and online audience on how the debate will affect the race. They will also clarify positions the candidates took, changes they made, or mistakes they might have produced. Again, make sure your questions include the hashtag #UCDebateWatch!

Snap Online Poll – We will take an online poll from the audience on their reaction to the debate.

Q&A session moderated by:

Dr. Laura Jenkins
Interim Dept Head of Political Science, Associate Prof of Political Science
Faculty Affiliate Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies and Asian Studies

Dr. Kim Conger
Asst. Professor
International Affairs

Dr. Brian Calfano
Asst. Professor
Political Science

Dr. Andrew Lewis
Asst. Professor
Political Science


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Cincinnati, OH 45221