Departmental Honors

Sociology majors graduating with a 3.33 GPA or better in their sociology course work will graduate with Departmental Honors. Those with a 3.66 GPA or better in their sociology course work will graduate with High Departmental Honors.

The Horace J. Wolf Prize in Sociology

The Horace J. Wolf Prize in Sociology was founded in 1966 by the widow of Rabbi Horace Joseph Wolf. The purpose of the prize is to honor each year UC's outstanding senior major in Sociology. Horace J. Wolf graduated from the University of Cincinnati about 1905. He played varsity football at UC. He later graduated from Hebrew Union College, and he died in 1927.

Candidates for the Wolf Prize are nominated by the faculty from a list of graduating seniors. The prize winner is selected by a faculty committee based on overall academic achievement, academic excellence in sociology, and a personal statement.

Past recipients of the Wolf Prize are listed below (note: information prior to 1977 may be incomplete):

1966: (No award for 1965-66)
1968: Barbara Flatt
1970: Kathryn Bender
1977: Mary Tonnies
1978: David Choate
1979: Connie Kolb
1980: Donna Rolman
1981: Cary Jennings
1982: Lee A. Ellington
1983: John P. Walsh
1984: (No award for 1983-84)
1985: Sallee F. Waterman
1986: Ann Marie Kreft
1987: Elizabeth Field
1988: (No award in 1987-88)
1989: Kathleen Fox, Felisa Kandell (co-recipients)
1990: Susan Conradi
1991: Rachel Brankamp
1992: Queen E. Roberts
1993: Amy Gausmann
1994: Rebecca Burgess, Myra Hutchinson, and Kristine Ketron (co-recipients)
1995: Ann Hamill
1996: Janet Thomas
1997: Rachel Krauss
1998: Cary Doetschman
1999: Krystina Coffman
2000: Benjamin Cornwell
2001: Mary Ann Hamilton
2002: Katherine Otermat
2003: Laura McCloud
2004: Suzanne Finck
2005: Circe Granholm
2006: Melanie Brewer
2007: Jessica King
2008: Kimberly Burgas
2009: Marcus Vines
2010: Po Hun (Tommy) Chou
2011: Kyle Galindez
2012: Alex Kissling