Urban & Race Research

The Urban and Race Workshop examines questions that relate to urban places as an object of study, the influence of urban spaces on social processes, and dimensions of racial and ethnic inequality.

Area Faculty's Research

Erynn Casanova (Organizer)
Erynn has been collaborating on a project about the representations of language in urban ethnography and Latin American Studies. She is currently writing a book on paid domestic work as part of the urban informal economy in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Her previous research explored ideas of latinidad (Latino/a identity) in children's television programs and among Latin American immigrants in New York City.

Jeff Timberlake 
Jeff is currently conducting two major urban research projects. The first focuses on housing discrimination in American metropolitan areas, with Matthew Hall and Alex Currit of Cornell University and Elaina Johns-Wolfe of UC. For the second, he is working with Aaron Howell (former UC graduate student) and Alan Grigsby on a study of American urban demographic change from 1940 to the present. One component of this project focuses on changes over time in the socioeconomic status of neighborhoods, while another concerns changes over time in the spatial distribution of minority groups and the poor.

Littisha Bates
Littisha's current research examines educational inequality. Her current project examines the changes in the magnet school enrollment processes in the City of Cincinnati. This project focuses on the impact of the change from first-come first-serve enrollment to a district wide lottery system on parents and schools. 

Her education research has a strong family processes component. More about her family-related research can be found on the Family/Gender Research page.

Jennifer Malat
Jennifer is collaborating with Farrah Jacquez (Psychology) to better understand how stress and social support affect the health of babies. This relationship might help explain racial inequality in infant mortality.  

Maliq Matthew
Maliq's research centers on the relationship between race and class inequality and status attainment.  Current projects explore racial differences in timing of academic transitions and questions about diversity and inclusion in higher education.

Upcoming Events

April 6, 2017: Jeffrey Timberlake and Elaina Johns-Wolfe, "Housing Discrimination in the New Millennium"