Health & Medicine Research

The Health Workshop focuses on a variety of issues related to health and health care, including definitions of "health," social processes that influence health status, and experiences in health care.

Area Faculty

Danielle Bessett (Organizer)

Danielle is at work on a book project, "Pregnant with Possibility: Medicalization, Cultural Difference, and Women's Experiences of 'Normal' in Stratified Reproduction." Her qualitative approach explores how ideas about what is "normal" in pregnancy serve both as apparatuses of governance by experts and resources for the navigation of a significant life experience by prospective parents. Her research shows how the concept of "normal pregnancy" reveals underlying cultural assumptions about the social and the natural worlds which erode support for the differences women bring to and produce in pregnancy.

Steve Carlton-Ford

Steve's current research examines the interrelationship of peace (both positive and negative), militarization, and armed conflict, as well as their relationship to the well-being of civilian populations (e.g., child mortality rates cross-nationally).

Dave Maume
Dave does research on inequality and work-family conflict.  He is currently engaged in studies of how working the late shift affects family relationships, how wage growth in early adulthood varies by race and over time, how female and minority bosses affect subordinates' careers, how sleep problems affect adolescent well-being, and whether participation in contact sports affects boys' aggression.

Jennifer Malat

Jennifer is collaborating with Farrah Jacquez (Psychology) to better understand how stress and social support affect the health of babies. This relationship might help explain racial inequality in infant mortality.



  • If you would like a copy of the list of health research activities in the Cincinnati Area, you can find it here.

  • A video of the November 30, 2012 lecture by David Williams on the medical campus can be found here.
    • Click here to download slides from the morning presentation by David Williams, "The Social Context of Disparities in Health."
    • Click here slides from the afternoon presentation by David Williams, "Making America Healthier for All."