Internship Supervisors

Thank you for your interest in a Communication program Intern. To expedite the process, please download the internship supervisor packet and supply the appropriate information. Since the internship experience is primarily a learning opportunity, students will appreciate receiving feedback on both their resume and interviewing skills. We ask that you sign weekly time sheets and fill out a formal evaluation of the intern at the end of the semester. You are, of course, welcome to contact me at any time that you have questions, comments or concerns.

Once placed in an intern position, the student is expected to work a minimum of 130 hours in order to receive three college credit hours. A typical internship will require 10 hours a week for 13 weeks time; however, other more appropriate or mutually desirable arrangements can be made. I encourage you to set high expectations for the intern, supported by a structured learning opportunity in which the student is given some regular training on the professional standards and expectations of the job. The most satisfactory internship experiences come from clear expectations and portfolio building work.

In the past, the internship program required an administrative fee paid directly to our progra,. We can now have you direct your valued donation to the UC Foundation-Communication Forum Fund. You will receive a thank you letter from the Foundation that clearly states that your contribution is tax deductible. Please fill out a donation form and send it to me with the position description form. Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Internship Supervisor Information Packet

For more information, contact the Director of the Internship program:
Dr. Maribeth Metzler