Fall Semester Application Deadline:

Part-Time Admission: February 1st
Full-Time Admission:  February 1st

Spring Semester Application Deadline:

Full-Time Admission: NOT ACCEPTED
Part-Time Admission: October 15th

Department of Communication MA Program Admissions

When making admissions decisions, the Department of Communication gives priority to applicants who can demonstrate their ability to succeed in the graduate school academically, and whose academic and professional goals are a good fit for our program. We also consider potential for success upon graduation, whether that be acceptance into a doctoral program or enhancement in professional positions.

Minimum Qualifications:

1. Completion of Bachelor's Degree from an accredited college or university in Communication or related major by the program start date.

2. Undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or above

3. For students for whom English was not the first language, submission of official IELT score of 6.5 overall or higher, or TOEFL score of 75 or higher

  •     The Duolingo English test has been approved and the minimum required score is 110.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • For the 2023-2024 academic year, an official Graduate Record Examination (GRE) score is optional and not required for successful admission to the Communication M.A. program.
  • TOEFL score of 80 or higher or IELT score of 7.0 overall or higher
  • At least two of the three recommendation letters from current or former professors when possible

Application Materials:

Applications to the program are submitted online through the University of Cincinnati Graduate School webpage ( Begin the application process well before the deadline, so that all items are ready for review by our committee by the deadline.

In order to apply, students must submit:

  • Cover Letter indicating whether you are interested in the full-time or part-time program, the term for which you are applying, and your interest in a Graduate Assistantship. You can address the letter to the Admissions Committee.
  • Goal Statement (Generally, 3-6 double spaced pages). This statement is very important. We want to ensure that your educational and professional background and goals are a good fit for our program. Your letter should discuss how your academic and professional background prepares you to do well in the program, the specific reasons you are interested in studying communication (including the topics and sub-areas of interest) and in joining our program, as well as how your time in the program will help you to meet your professional and academic goals. In addition to assessing your fit with the program, this statement is a way for us to assess your writing abilities.
  • Writing Sample. Include a sample that demonstrates your writing skills. Academic writing is preferred, but professional writing is also acceptable. You may wish to include two samples if the writing is relatively short.
  • Upload or scan your Academic Transcripts. Your official transcripts are required only after admission to the program. Any inconsistencies between your uploaded and official transcript would be grounds for dismissal.
  • Letters of Reference. Provide the contact information for three recommenders who have agreed to speak to the applicant's motivation and ability to undertake graduate study. As noted in preferred qualifications, when possible, you should seek two or more letters from a former professor or someone who can speak to your academic ability, but supervisors and other professional contacts are also acceptable. The application system will generate an electronic invitation for these recommenders to submit their letters on-line. Please follow-up with your recommenders to insure they have submitted.
  • DO NOT SUBMIT A VIDEO. The application system may prompt you to create a video. Do not submit a video. If you do, it will not be reviewed by the admissions committee.

Additional Notes About Applications

Submission Timing: We encourage you to officially submit your application as soon as it is ready. We can only see your application once it has been officially submitted. Seeing your application allows us to get in contact with you. Also, please email the Graduate Director, Dr. Omotayo Banjo, at to let her know that you have applied.

  • Note: GRE scores, TOEFL report, and invited letters of recommendation will populate into your application AFTER it has been officially submitted.
  • We recommend that you self-report your scores in your application.  
  • The Duolingo English test has been approved and the minimum required score is 110.

Official Review:  Your file will not be officially reviewed for admission until it is complete. Your file will be complete when

  •  1) you have uploaded your cover letter, purpose statement, transcript, and writing sample,
  •  2) your GRE scores are submitted from ETS electronically (and your TOEFL scores are reported if relevant), and
  •  3) your reference letters have been submitted electronically by recommenders.
  • 4)  you officially submit your application and pay the application fee

Helpful links about the Application Process to the UC Graduate School:

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Students should now contact Graduate Admissions directly at if they believe they qualify for a waiver.