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The Communication program is proud to announce a new research unit called UCommunicate. This new center has been formed in partnership with the University of Cincinnati Research Institute (UCRI), a university-wide research incubator designed to connect UC experts to industry partners, facilitate commercialization and enhance cooperative and experiential learning experiences for UC students.

UCommunicate is a graduate-led consulting firm comprised of knowledge experts including current faculty and staff, alumni professionals in the field, and current communication students.  This center is ready to work with a variety of clients—individuals, non-profit organizations, other units within UC, corporate organizations—on communication projects designed to help effectively and purposefully connect clients with their target audiences in the rapidly changing world of communication.

Now Accepting New Clients

UCommunicate will provide professional-level work in a variety of communication-related areas:

  • Audience and evaluation research (surveys, focus groups, interviews)
  • Events planning (design, execution, feedback from attendees)
  • Fundraising and development training (grant proposal writing, donor relations, program development)
  • Public relations message strategies and campaigns (design, execution, assessment)
  • Social media training (how to create a social media plan, ethics, privacy and surveillance workshops, etc.)
  • Online presence design and research (building and upgrading websites, collecting and tracking analytics usage data,
          social media implementation and content creation)
  • Content marketing and platform creation (publication design, collateral material)
  • Webinar and online conversations (knowledge sharing, lunch time virtual meetings on current issues/research topics)
  • Leadership training and development (public speaking, facilitation, mediation, impression management)
  • Other communication tasks as needed per client

Stay tuned for more information about UCommunicate, including a list of UC faculty, staff, and alumni professionals who will be available to assess your needs and offer high-quality, innovative solutions in order to overcome your communication challenges and ensure that Uengage, Uimpress, Ueducate and Uenhace. UCommunicate is passionate about partnering with you to make sure you Ucommunicate well!

For more information or to request our services, contact Autumn Miller, Director of UCommunicate, at autumnleighmiller@gmail.com , office ph: 513-556-4475 or cell ph: 513-340-3650.