Children's Education and Entertainment Research (CHEER) Lab


The Children's Education and Entertainment Research (CHEER) Lab in the Department of Communication at the University of Cincinnati is a research group dedicated to improving the quality of children's media.

Researchers at CHEER are working on research studies and community projects to get a better understanding of the role of media in children's lives. We are guided by two basic principles:

  • To provide rigorous analysis of issues facing children's media use in contemporary society
  • To connect scholarship with the community to enhance children's media experiences

As such, we conduct research that crosses disciplinary boundaries both inside and outside the field of communication. Our research explores how children respond to media content across multiple platforms and also involves analyses of the media content that children use. We use a variety of research methods to accomplish these goals including:

  • Experimental design
  • Content analyses
  • Surveys
  • In-Depth interviews
  • Focus groups

The CHEER Lab has been received funding from:

·       University of Pennsylvania via the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the U.S. Department of Education

·       University of Cincinnati

·       Murray and Agnes Seasongood Good Government Foundation

·       Scripps Howard Foundation

Our lab (located in 120C Arts & Sciences Hall) is equipped with many research tools including:

  • 2 SnapStream Servers, standalone digital TV servers which can record television content on 6 channels simultaneously
  • Virtual reality (VR) equipment
  • 3 stand alone computers which are equipped with software for video editing and statistical analysis
  • 3 digital video camcorders for observations of children engaged in media activities
  • 3 mini-DVD players to show media content to participants in research studies
  • 4 VCR/DVD combo sets for digital recording of media content

At the CHEER lab, we encourage undergraduate and graduate students to work together on various research projects. We support mentoring in research methods and provide opportunities for students to present and publish their research.

Dr. Jennings is also involved with the Ohio American Trustees Project.

For more information, contact:
Nancy Jennings
Associate Professor
Children's Education & Entertainment Research (CHEER) Lab
Department of Communication
University of Cincinnati
120CA Arts & Sciences Hall
PO BOX 210184
Cincinnati, OH 45221-0184

Phone: 513-556-4456
Fax: 513-556-0899