Health & Environmental Communication

This concentration examines the role of communication in constructing and managing individual, institutional, cultural, and political experiences of health, illness, and the environment. 

Headshot of Pamara Chang

Pamara Chang

Pamara Flora Chang, Ph.D. (Cornell University), is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication at the University of Cincinnati. Her research program explores health, interpersonal, and computer-mediated communication. She is interested

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Steve Depoe

Stephen P. Depoe, PhD (Northwestern, 1986), is a Professor of Communication and Department Head. He is currently the co-editor of a book series on Media and Environmental Communication published by Palgrave MacMillan. He was the founding...

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Stephen Haas

Stephen M. Haas (Ph.D., Ohio State University) is a tenured Associate Professor in the Department of Communication, and served as the Graduate Program Director from 2002-2007. At the national level, he has served as Chair of the Health Communication.

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John Lynch

Dr. Lynch's teaching and research interests focus on the rhetoric of science and medicine, especially on how the public understands science. I teach rhetorical/communication criticism, the rhetoric of science and research ethics. My current...

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Shaunak Sastry

Headshot of Heather Zoller

Heather Zoller

Dr. Heather M. Zoller is a Professor and Director of Graduate Studies in the Department of Communication at the University of Cincinnati. Her research in organizational and health communication investigates the politics of public health,...

  • COMM 2004: Comm Health, Environment/Science 
  • COMM 4066: Communication & Health Politics 
  • COMM 4067: Environmental Communication* 
  • COMM 4068: Comm of Technology & Science 
  • COMM 5000: Comm & Contemporary Issues 
  • COMM 5003: Rhetoric, Environment & Science 
  • COMM 5004: Health Communication

Also consider these Communication electives:

  • COMM 2043: Public Relations Writing* (2042) 
  • COMM 2048: Event Planning & Fundraising Mgmt 
  • COMM 2089: The Internet & Everyday Life*
  • COMM 3071: Communication Criticism*
  • COMM 4013: Gender & Communication*
  • COMM 4043: Theories of Interpersonal Comm*
  • COMM 4050: Comm, Culture & Globalization 

Parentheses = Pre-req | Asterisk = Online Section Available | Bold = Filfills Department's Diversity & Inclusion Requirements

  • Take PD 2070 during your sophomore year to learn about experiential learning opportunities. 
  • American Heart Association 
  • Cincinnati Children’s Hospital
  • Make a Wish Foundation
  • Ronald McDonald House 
  • Students interested in joining the new Health & Environmental Communication student group should contact its faculty advisor, Dr. Heather Zoller (, for meeting times and/or more information. 

Minors, certificates, and courses in science writing, health & medical sociology, environment & ecology, chemistry, and biology complement this concentration.


  • AFST-1005: Intro to Global Health Issues
  • AFST-2070: Personal Health for Minorities 
  • ALH-4021: Healthcare Delivery Systems
  • BIOL-1033: Biological Basis of Health
  • ENGL-4093: Environmental Writing
  • ENGL-4094: Biomedical Writing
  • EVST-2021: Eco, Society & Environment 
  • EVST-2022: Environ Politics & Policy 
  • HCA-3031: Market Dynamics in Health  
  • HPE-2004: Women’s Health Issues
  • PHIL-3027: Environmental Ethics
  • SOC-3040: Sociology of Death & Dying
  • WSG-3071: Gender & Health   
  • Option 1: Majors accepted into our 4+1 Program take graduate classes their senior year. After earning their BA degree, students in good standing are formally admitted to the graduate program and complete their MA degree in one additional year.


  • Option 2: Most traditional graduate programs require 2 additional years of education. These options complement a Communication BA:
  • MA in Environmental/Health Communication MA in Health Education & Behavior
  • MA in Technical Writing
  • MBA in Health Care Administration
  • Master’s in Public Health (MPH) 
  • Environmental Campaign Manager 
  • Healthcare Account Coordinator 
  • Health Communication Specialist 
  • Health Educator
  • Health/Environmental Event Planner 
  • Hospital-Community Outreach Director 
  • Environmental Development Manager 
  • Pharmaceutical Sales
  • Scientific & Technical Writing