Diversity & Cultural Communication

This concentration examines the role of communication in constructing, reflecting, and managing global diverstiy issues. Themes related to class, culture, gender, identity, race, and sexual orientation are analyzed and disucssed. 

Headshot of Tayo Banjo

Tayo Banjo

Omotayo Banjo, PhD (Penn State University, 2009) focuses on representation and audience responses to racial and cultural media. Her work has been published in peer reviewed journals including Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media,...

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Stephen Haas

Stephen M. Haas (Ph.D., Ohio State University) is a tenured Associate Professor in the Department of Communication, and served as the Graduate Program Director from 2002-2007. At the national level, he has served as Chair of the Health Communication.

Headshot of Ron Jackson

Ron Jackson

Ronald L. Jackson II is past co-editor (with Kent Ono) of Critical Studies in Media Communication. His research explores empirical, conceptual, and critical approaches to the study of masculinity, identity negotiation, Whiteness, and Afrocentricity..

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Shaunak Sastry

  • COMM 1050: Freshman Seminar: Comm & Culture 
  • COMM 2028: Communication & Popular Culture* 
  • COMM 2049: Communication & Social Justice 
  • COMM 3048: Nonverbal Communication (1076) 
  • COMM 3049: Intercultural Communication
  • COMM 3077: Communication, Identity & Sport* 
  • COMM 4005: Communication Ethics*
  • COMM 4006: Organizational Diversity
  • COMM 4012: Family Communication*
  • COMM 4013: Gender & Communication*
  • COMM 4040: Cultural Studies in Communication 
  • COMM 4043: Theories of Interpersonal Comm* 
  • COMM 4048: Media & Identity*
  • COMM 4050: Comm, Culture & Globalization 
  • COMM 5004: Health Communication
  • COMM 5006: Capstone in Comm & Diversity 

Parentheses = Pre-req | Asterisk = Online Section Available | Bold = Filfills Department's Diversity & Inclusion Requirements

  • Take PD 2070 during your sophomore year to learn about experiential learning opportunities. 
  • Anthony Munoz Foundation 
  • Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
  • Lighthouse Youth Center
  • Underground Railroad Freedom Center 
  • CommuniCATS provides social networking and professional mentoring opportunities, engages in community service, assists in the transition from student to alumnus, and promotes the identity and value of your Communication degree. 

Minors, certificates, and courses in cultural studies (Africana, Asian, Judaic & Latin- American), international affairs, sociology, anthropology, human resources, and women’s gender & sexuality studies complement this concentration.


  • AFST-1001: Intro to Africana Studies
  • AIST-2081: Intro to Chinese Culture
  • ANTH-1001: Cultural Anthropology
  • POL-1080: Intro International Relations
  • PSYC-2011: Psychology of Gender
  • SOC-3073: Sociology of Race
  • SOC-4084: Social Inequality
  • WGS-2001: Women, Culture & Power
  • WGS-2030: Intro Black Women’s Studies
  • WGS-3010: Gender/Race/Class/Sexuality   
  • Option 1: Majors accepted into our 4+1 Program take graduate classes their senior year. After earning their BA degree, students in good standing are formally admitted to the graduate program and complete their MA degree in one additional year.


  • Option 2: Most traditional graduate programs require 2 additional years of education. These options complement a Communication BA:
  • MA in Anthropology
  • MA in Gender & Cultural Studies
  • MA in Social Work 
  • Change Management 
  • Consultant Chief Diversity Officer
  • Community Outreach Manager 
  • Director of Community Engagement 
  • Diversity Recruitment
  • Higher Education Study Abroad 
  • Human Services Administrator 
  • Manager of Diversity & Inclusion 
  • Public Affairs Officer
  • Social Worker 
  • Volunteer Coordinator