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Greetings from Interim Department Head, Suzanne Boys, Ph.D

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Welcome to UC's Department of Communication! We are a vibrant community committed to scholarship, connection, and service. Our faculty are among the finest scholars and teachers in the field of communication, and we seek to provide students with an academic home where they can learn, grow, and connect.

The Department offers two B.A. degrees (Communication and Public Relations) and an M.A. degree (Communication). In addition, B.A. students can earn certificates in Communicating Science, Health, Environment  & Risk; Digital Engagement; Professional CommunicationPublic Relations; and Sport Media and Promotion. All of our undergraduate majors are encouraged to apply for departmental scholarships, including the Jones Scholarship, the Lucille Pederson Scholarship, and the Verderber Scholarship.

Students can develop their networks and leadership in our active and inclusive student organizations (CommuniCATS, Lambda Pi Eta, UC Influence, and UC Public Relations Student Society of America). They can also build transferrable skills through internships, co-ops, service learning, and teaching and research assistantships. Friends of Communication is our large and growing alumni network that welcomes students after graduation.

Our M.A. program provides excellent classroom and research experience for those wishing to continue on to doctoral level study. It also offers graduate internships and a praxis option for students hoping to advance into professional careers.

We would love to have you join our community. If I can answer any questions, don't hesitate to reach out!

Suzanne Boys, Ph.D.
Professor and Interim Head
UC Department of Communication


Welcome to the Department!!

Communication faculty members

Communication Faculty Members

Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Communication is to advance understanding and improve the practice of human communication through research, teaching, and service. Communication is foundational to social life, as the co-construction and negotiation of meaning influences personal, interpersonal, organizational, community and national/international experience. Our research seeks to understand and address connections between communication and contemporary social problems. Faculty promote the open and equitable formation of ideas, as well as their effective expression through research and service. Our teaching prepares students for engaged citizenship and professional roles by cultivating the ability to think analytically, reason critically, communicate effectively, and lead responsibly. We seek to equip students to make a positive contribution to their local community, nation, and world by making connections between theory and practice.

In so doing, we apply our core value of mutual respect for others, which is critical to sustaining a welcoming environment conducive for diversity and inclusion. Furthermore, we strive to affirm the dignity of all individuals, to uphold a just community, to embrace open and equitible access, and to attract and retain students, faculty, and administration who represent a wide range of cultures, worldviews, and orientations. We recognize that the responsibility for inclusive excellence lies with all of us.

Identity: Who Are We?

The Department of Communication at the University of Cincinnati promotes knowledge of human communication through research, teaching, and service. We are located in an urban center within a large research university, which provides a dynamic context for connecting theory and practice.

Our award-winning faculty members share a distinctive focus on contemporary social problems. Research centers on understanding issues of voice, identity, public participation, and advocacy/leadership across communication domains including interpersonal, organizational, political, organizational, rhetorical, environmental, health, and mediated communication.

Our department promotes excellence in teaching and emphasizes experiential learning and community engagement for students through team-based projects, internships and residencies, service learning and collaboration with community organizations. We offer a nationally-certified public relations program and represent a model community engagement department. Our Master's Degree in Communication provides small cohorts with the focused attention of excellent faculty in preparing for doctoral studies or professional careers.