Service Learning Opportunities

The Department of Romance Languages and Literatures offers several programs for service learning opportunities in which students interact with various communities while using their language skills. These rewarding experiences provide students with occasions to interact with both local and international communities.

SPAN 2011 Spanish for Social Work and Health Care Services

SPAN 2012 Spanish for Social Work and Health Care Services II

  • These intermediate level courses will develop specific vocabulary and cultural skills necessary to work in social services and health related fields working with the Latino population. The courses have a service learning component exposing the student to diverse experiences working with this population. The student develops specific projects that benefits  agencies, programs or the Latino population in Cincinnati. The courses consist of three one-hour classes a week and a two hours of experiences in the community. These courses are taught in Spanish.The credit for these courses are applicable to a Spanish minor but not the major in Spanish. They are also applicable to the Certificate for Spanish Service Learning for Social Work and Health Care Services. Contact Ligia Gómez for more information.

SPAN 3501 Service Learning: Spanish

  • Service Learning: Spanish provides students opportunities to work with schools or government agencies supporting the Spanish speaking community in the Cincinnati area. Students act as a bilingual resource in elementary schools. Contact Ligia Gómez for more information.

SPAN 3502 Service Learning: Medical

  • Service Learning: Medical is designed to provide undergraduate language students with the opportunity to assist Spanish speaking families to communicate in various health care settings as well as in social agencies that work with Latino immigrants in Cincinnati. Students will work weekly  with The University Hospital Women's Health, Bethesda North and several social agencies working with the newly immigrant population. Students will also be working with the WIC  Program. The students will assist with education, various programs and services, non medical interpretation and provide a much needed support system. Contact Ligia Gómez for more information.

SPAN 3503 Guatemala Spring Break Service Learning

  • Guatemala Spring Break Service Learning provides students the opportunity to participate in Habitat for Humanity's Global Village Program in Guatemala or another similar program. While helping a family to build an affordable home, students will immerse themselves in the Guatemalan culture and interact with the local community using their Spanish language skills. Contact Siusan Sinclair for more information.

A study abroad program in Guatemala includes a service learning component to it's program. The RLL department offers Summer Program in Antigua, Guatemala. This program is a combined academic and service learning experience. Contact Noris Rodríguez for more information.

Students can also participate in a voluntary non-credit program with Lincoln Heights Elementary School, a local Cincinnati school. Students participate in an afterschool Spanish program as a mentor and model for elementary-aged children. Contact Patricia Roper for more information.