4 + 1 MA Program in French and Spanish

Students majoring in French and Spanish now have the possibility of completing a BA and an MA in French or Spanish in five years instead of the traditional six. In the fifth year students will pay tuition at the undergraduate rate, thus saving a considerable amount of money. Having an MA in French or Spanish will allow the student better chances of employment as a language teacher or as a translator/interpreter. Students with MA degrees in foreign languages also work in government, international business, for NGOs, as copywriters, and at colleges and universities in positions such as study abroad coordinators.


Students would complete 36 undergraduate credits in SPAN or FREN, including all requirements for the major except the Capstone.

A 3.0 GPA in Spanish or French is required for continuation into the 4 + 1 MA program.

Students need to complete 32 credits at the graduate level. All these credits must be taken at RLL. Of these credits, 4 can be research credits taken in the final two semesters to allow students to prepare for the MA exam. The 4+1 Program is an excellent opportunity for advanced students in French or Spanish, who want to maximize their college years and better prepare for the job market.

Admission to the 4+1 Program

Students interested in pursuing the 4+1 option should apply online for admission to the graduate program by or before the start of their 4th year and should begin taking graduate-level coursework in French by their 4th year. Student will design a plan to achieve the 4+1 in consultation with the Director of Graduate Studies. Interested students are encouraged to contact the Director of Graduate Studies to discuss their plans during their 2nd or early in the 3rd year of their undergraduate program.

For prospective French 4+1 students, special scholarships are available on a competitive basis to facilitate study abroad in France before, during, or after the 3rd year of undergraduate study. 

For more information talk to any of your teachers in the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures or contact Dr. Patricia Valladares-Ruiz at 556-0402.

Declaration of Major/Minor/Certificate can now be made online.