Spring 2018

RLL7052 Introduction to Second Language Acquisition                 (Prof. Fenfang Hwu)

 This course provides an overview of the theories and hypotheses that explain how second languages are learned, the scope and principles of inquiry in second language acquisition (SLA) study, and its basic concerns and key concepts.


RLL7010 Introduction to Literary Criticism                                 (Prof. Thérése Migraine-George)

This class aims to provide students with a broad view of literary theory and criticism, from classical theory to contemporary discourses. The objective of this class is to allow students to become more familiar with important philosophers, critics, and theorists who, throughout history, have shaped the field of literary criticism and cultural studies. Readings and discussions will be organized around both historical periods and schools or movements. Ultimately, the goal of this class is to help students use and apply literary theories in their own research and writing. 

Spring 2017

RLL 7053 Computer-Assisted Language Learning SWLC (Hwu)

The course explores the applicability and application of computer technologies in various areas of second language learning and teaching, as well as the integration of second language learning theories in a Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL) environment. The emphasis is on helping second language teachers make informed judgments about how to incorporate computers into their language classes to make certain aspects of student learning more engaging, efficient, and/or effective.

Fall 2016

RLL 7001 Intro Grad Studies (Gott)

This course will prepare the students to succeed in graduate school in Romance Languages and Literatures at UC. It will prepare students for a teaching career at the secondary or higher education level, and will provide them with the knowledge and expertise for a successful job search.

RLL 7051 Foreign Language Teaching (Hwu)

This course is designed to address the needs and concerns of current and future foreign language instructors in a classroom in which the communicative language teaching approach is used. It explores various topics that lead to concrete suggestions for implementing communicative language teaching, including the role of compensable input in second language acquisition, the purposes of communication, the process of developing lesson goals, and grammar instruction in a communicative classroom.