Graduate French

Spring 2018

FREN 7030. Survey of Eighteenth-Century Literature               (Prof. Jeff Loveland)

This course is designed to introduce you to eighteenth-century French literature and to help prepare you for the MA exam. In particular, we will read all of the titles from the eighteenth-century portion of the MA list and practice the technique of close reading (“explication de texte”). At the same time, you will have the chance to familiarize yourself with outstanding works of French literature, including the original version of “La Belle et la bête,” the French Encyclopédie (the most famous encyclopedia of all time), Voltaire’s satire Candide, Rousseau’s Confessions (sometimes considered the first “kiss-and-tell” autobiography), and Charrière’s Lettres de Mistriss Henley (a strangely “open” and modern novel about a marriage gone awry).

FREN 7034 Topics in French and Francophone Cinema: (Re)Framing the Republic (Dr. Michael Gott)

The goal of the course will be to study a variety of perspectives on contemporary French identity as well as on France’s position vis-à-vis its own shifting identity, its former colonies, a new “borderless” Europe, and the rest of the World. We will also introduce and employ tools for analyzing different art forms, including how to read a bande dessinée album both visually and as a work of literature and interpret various key cinematic techniques.

Spring 2017

FREN 7035 European Film Travel (Dr. Michael Gott)

Through the vantage point of cinema and other visual media, "Travels in European Cinema" engages with mobility in various forms as the defining characteristic of contemporary Europe. From the "road trip" to economic migration and from undocumented migrants to privileged tourists, this course will explore how cinematic travel has been represented by filmmakers in Europe. We will also discuss media representations of mobility and migration, from advertising to television news. We examine how cinema as an industry "travels" across borders in Europe and considers the history of the techniques used to represent motion and travel in cinema. The course covers French-language films as well as movies from Germany, Spain, Romania, Italy, the Czech Republic and elsewhere in Europe and Africa. This course is taught in English with a French component for French students.

FREN 7055 Intro to Francophone Literature (Vialet)

This course provides a comparative examination of Francophone literatures and cultures. It focuses on the literary representation of cultural and national identities. This course also examines how Francophone cultures interact with other postcolonial contexts.

RLL 7053 Computer-Assisted Language Learning SWLC (Hwu)

The course explores the applicability and application of computer technologies in various areas of second language learning and teaching, as well as the integration of second language learning theories in a Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL) environment. The emphasis is on helping second language teachers make informed judgments about how to incorporate computers into their language classes to make certain aspects of student learning more engaging, efficient, and/or effective.


Fall 2016

FREN 7041 The 19th Century French Novel (Loveland)

This course is designed to introduce graduate students to nineteenth-century French literature in order to help them prepare for the MA exam. Students read novels from the nineteenth-century part of the MA reading list and practice the required part of the MA exam on close reading. Since the reading of the course is heavy, studentsdo less writing than in advanced graduate classes.

FREN 7087 Littérature et cinéma du Maghreb en langue française (Vialet)

This course is designed to have the students develop a personal and cogent appreciation of 20th and 21st-century masterpieces created by French-speaking writers and filmmakers of North-African origins, including Albert Camus, Driss Chraïbi, Tahar ben Jelloun, Azouz Begag, Assia Djebar, Maïssa Bey, Malika Mokeddem, Boualem Sansal, Gillo Pontecorvo, Abdellatif Kechiche. The students will thus be able to pursue doctoral-level studies and actively participate in professional meetings, and will master analytical skills applicable to the reading and appreciation of works from other centuries, languages and cultural history.

RLL 7051 Foreign Language Teaching (Hwu)

This course is designed to address the needs and concerns of current and future foreign language instructors in a classroom in which the communicative language teaching approach is used. It explores various topics that lead to concrete suggestions for implementing communicative language teaching, including the role of compensable input in second language acquisition, the purposes of communication, the process of developing lesson goals, and grammar instruction in a communicative classroom.