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For more than 100 years, the Department of Romance Languages at the University of Cincinnati has been dedicated to studying and teaching the languages, literatures and cultures of French, Italian and Spanish-speaking countries. We provide high-quality programs that incorporate current research and pedagogical approaches as well as study abroad. We are proud of the excellence of our faculty, programs and students.

Undergraduate Education

Through courses and extra-curricular activities, including service learning, the department introduces beginning students to Romance languages, literatures, and cultures, and builds upon the linguistic, cultural and literary understanding of more experienced students. Our primary goals are to promote fluency in Romance languages; to make students sensitive to other cultures; to develop their skills in communication, critical thinking, cultural understanding and reading; and to help them to succeed in a global community.

In addition, the department guides students through programs leading to business certificates, minors and majors in Arabic, French and Spanish as well as a certificate in Arabic and Italian Language and Culture—all of which prepare them for engagement with today's diverse world.

Graduate Education

In response to a growing demand for graduate education in international fields—in particular in languages—and to the university's globalization initiative, we offer an MA in both French and Spanish; tracks within the MA allows students to specialize in literature, creative writing or pedagogy. Our MA graduates enter a variety of other professions including teaching, scholarship, business, social work and law.

Our PhD program in romance languages and literatures is focused on Spanish and Latin American literatures but allows for the possibility of connections with French and Francophone literatures. At the PhD level we teach and model the complex critical and theoretical skills necessary to conduct literary research. With our nationally recognized language-instructor training and our careful mentoring in research methods, we prepare doctoral students for success in college-level teaching positions; our placement rate is excellent.


The department sees literary, cultural, historical and pedagogical research as well as creative writing as central to its mission. Among our faculty are a number of internationally known scholars, poets and fiction writers. We are committed to the highest standards in our research and to fostering interdisciplinary and cross-cultural connections with the goal of contributing to dialogue on European, Francophone and Latin American issues.


Service is central to the department's mission. Through conferences, workshops, collaborative projects, fund-raising and consultation, we serve the local Cincinnati community, the national and international scholarly community, and the world at large.

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