Why Study Spanish?

Studying Spanish—whether toward a business certificate, a minor, or a major—will have many benefits.

Connect With Other Cultures

Spanish is the most widely spoken of the romance languages and the second most widely spoken language in the world, with roughly 329 million native speakers. It is the national language of 20 countries, the most populous of which are Mexico, Spain, Argentina and Colombia. Learning Spanish will allow you to converse with and better understand people throughout the world.

Learn the United States' Unofficial Second Language

The United States is home to a huge and growing minority of Spanish speakers. The Spanish you learn in school will come in handy not just abroad but also in many areas of the United States, including Cincinnati. Because of its strong presence in the United States, Spanish is an easy language to practice in day-to-day life.

Gain an Advantage in the Job Market

Thanks to the importance of Spanish in the United States and the world at large, knowledge of Spanish is at a premium throughout the United States' economy. Spanish teachers are in high demand at schools and universities; businesses are eager to hire people with knowledge of Spanish; and Spanish is increasingly valued in fields such as nursing, law, social services and policing. Your knowledge of Spanish will place you in an excellent position to develop careers in sales and marketing, business management, government administration, university administration or tax assessment. Other careers where your Spanish will be advantageous are: international relations, speech and physical therapy, political sciences, journalism, tourism and travel industry. If you want to work in the legal system with refugees and migrant workers, Spanish is a must. In today's world your knowledge of Spanish will put you ahead of other candidates with the same academic qualifications.