Spanish for Healthcare 1021 and 1022


·  There is a face-to-face section, where students have live class instruction and activities and a service-learning component. Meets Tuesdays and Thursdays                                                                      ·  There is a face-to-face section, where students have live class instruction and activities. Meets Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays                                                                                                              ·  There are some asynchronous online sections, where students don’t have live class instructions, but will meet online with their instructor, group, or coach at various times throughout the semester.    ·  SPAN 1021 and SPAN 1022 are each worth five credit hours.                                                                  ·  Successful completion of SPAN 1021 fulfills the foreign language requirement for students in the College of A&S and counts as pre-requirement for the "Certificate of Spanish for Service Learning in Social Work and Health Care". Students should consult with their advisor for details.


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SPAN1021 Spanish for the Health Professions I




Introduction to the course


Greetings, the alphabet, numbers, subject pronouns

Chapter 1

Personal information, the time, patient medical history, physical checkup

Culture: “What’s in a name”

Time, verb to be, adjectives, definite and indefinite article, gender and number

Chapter 2

Body parts, internal organs, the systems.

Culture: Modesty and Medicine

Regular verbs, tener and estar

Chapter 3

First aid, the nurse, childhood illness Culture: Home remedies


Present progressive,verb ir and near future, irregular verbs in the present

Chapter 4

Diabetes, heart problems, cancer, SIDA

Culture: Hispanics and AIDS

Possessive adjectives, stem-changing verbs, comparatives, superlatives


Chapter 5

Emergency room, 911, side effects.

Culture: Cultural differences in emergency-response request

Formal commands, indirect object pronoun, negative and affirmative expressions

SPAN1022 Spanish for the Health Professions II




Chapter 6


Present prefect

Chapter 7

Nutrition/Vitamins, healthy lifestyle

Culture: Childhood hunger

Passive voice, acabar de+ infinitive, verb gustar


Chapter 8

Pregnancy, childbirth, pediatrics

Culture: Midwives

Reflexive verbs, saber and conocer, direct object pronoun

Chapter 9

Depression, drugs

Culture: Drug abuse among Hispanics


Chapter 10

Diagnostic procedures, surgeries

Culture: Cultural competency

Preterit, irregular verbs in the preterit


Chapter 11

Pharmacy, dentist, optometrist

Culture: The Hesperian Foundation

The imperfect, preterit vs. imperfect