For A&S Students: This requirement is fulfilled by the completion with a passing grade in the final course (1002 or 1014) of either of these course sequences:

1.   Two-semester Sequence: 5 credits each, 10 total of Basic Language 1001-1002

2.   Four-semester Sequence: 3 credits each, 12 total of Extended Basic Language 1011-1012-1013-1014. This sequence is NOT offered in Main Campus.

3.   Students must receive at least a C- in order to continue from one course to another in any language sequence.

Placement is determined by prior language study or consultation with the Spanish Language Advisor (Dr. Juan Godoy, ), who has ultimate authority in placement issues. See below.

If you have taken in high school...

   ...then you are eligible to take...

0-1 year 

   SPAN 1001 or 1021

2-3 years

   SPAN 1002 or 1022

3-4 years 

   SPAN 1002 or SPAN 2015*

4 or more years 

   SPAN 2015 or SPAN 2016*

Advanced Placement (AP) 

   See Undergraduate Director for guidance in       course selection and to confirm credit                 granted by AP exam score.

*The Spanish Language Advisor can help you decide which level is most appropriate for you. 

Where should I begin?

Span 1001 is a course designed for true beginners: students with 0-very little experience with the language. If you have studied Spanish in high school, we strongly recommend you begin at a higher level. Please fill out this form to help you make an informed decision about which course to take.

Link to the form:

Placement Test

·    The placement test may be recommended if a student has had additional outside experience with the language or if there doubt about a student’s appropriate placement in the Basic Language Sequence.

·    You may also take a placement test by contacting Mr. Emmanuel Wilson in the Language Resource Center.  

·         If you score above 500 on the placement test, your language requirement will be waived and you are encouraged to enroll in SPAN 2015.  Scoring 500 or higher on the placement test will not grant you any SPAN credit hours, but will free up credit hours in your schedule that you can use for other requirements or electives. 

The test must be taken within the first two weeks of the first semester of study.