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Eman Alkotob

Undergraduate degree from Indiana University (2012-2016)

BA in Psychology, Minor(s): English, Anthropology

Interest area: Organizational

My particular interests include program evaluation, data analysis, and diversity in the workplace and UC’s courses align with what I want to focus on in my studies. As an undergraduate student, I conducted a Needs Assessment which accelerated my interest in Organizational Psychology as well as allowed me to work with organizations and qualitative/quantitative data. Besides this rewarding experience, I centered my senior capstone project on diversity in the workplace, particularly the perceptions of women who wear the Islamic headscarf, the hijab. This research project allowed me to investigate workplace attitudes related to diversity and the marginalization of outgroups. Some achievements of mine include graduating with a program GPA of 4.0, receiving awards from IUSB’s Department of Psychology faculty such as the 2016 Excellence in Psychology Award and the Haines Award for psychological research, and serving as Psi Chi Honor Society President during my senior year. Overall, Cincinnati is a city with great opportunity so I hope that I can gain experience and satisfaction through my wonderful time here in the MAP Program.

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My fifteen years as a graphic designer and six years as Assistant Professor in the Division of Experience-Based Learning and Career Education (ELCE) at the University of Cincinnati have afforded me great opportunities to work closely with individuals and organizations to tell stories and craft success plans that are rooted in both strategy and emotion. Currently, my primary responsibility is in the teaching and advising of Graphic Communication Design co-op students, where my passion area is meaningful one-on-one guided reflection of co-op experiences. Additionally I serve as the Creative Director for Experience Magazine, an experiential learning trade publication, and as Co-Chair for ELCE’s Equity & Inclusion committee. I am thrilled to be a part of the MAP program and plan to research and innovate in the areas of equity and inclusion and workplace culture with a focus on emerging professionals in the design industry.

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Vanessa Boddy

Undergraduate Degree: Kalamazoo College, BA Psychology, 2013-2017

Minor: Classics

Work Experience: Research Assistant to Dr. Shanks, The University of Michigan, Summer 2015;

Research Assistant to Dr. Skibbe, ELLI Lab, Michigan State University, Summer 2016

Interest Area: Organizational Psychology

Why the MAP Program? Where do you hope to be when you graduate? I was drawn to the MAP program due to the thesis track that is offered. I am interested in applying to PhD programs after MAP and the thesis option will allow me to explore my interests at a greater depth and prepare for doctoral level work.


Emily Cloud

Undergraduate degree: BA/BS in Psychology from the University of Cincinnati, 2013- 2017

Certificate in Forensic Populations from the University of Cincinnati, 2013- 2017

Interest area: Community 

I worked in the lab for Cognitive and Affective Neuropsychology during my undergrad and am currently a GA for undergraduate advising with the Communication major. I chose the MAP Program because I am able to further my education at the university I have fallen in love with the past 4 years.  I have always been drawn to Psychology, and I want to use this program to continue my learning in the community field. Right now I am interested in working to better youth involved in the criminal justice system, and help them get back on the right track. When I graduate, I hope to either get my Doctorate or find employment. 


Catherine Goderwis

Bachelors of Arts in psychology from the University of Kentucky (2013-2017)

Interest area: Organizational 

Why the MAP program? Where do I hope to be when I graduate: I picked the MAP program because I am extremely interested in organizational psychology, and I thought the program would be a good fit for me. 

When I graduate I hope to be career ready, and I also would like to be prepared enough so that I can get my Ph.D. one day. 

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Jeremy Hoffman

Graduated with a B.S. and B.A. in Psychology from the University of Cincinnati, 2017. 

I come from a small town just west of Cincinnati, Ohio. There I learned the value of a hard day's work and the benefit of finding fulfillment and engagement in what you do. This lesson guides me as I pursue a career in Organizational Consulting with the mission to partner with both employers and employees in order to craft excellent workplace experiences. I currently intern as an HR Analyst at Paycor Inc and have a vested interest in analytics and organizational research. 


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Ashley Martini

Undergraduate Degree: Psychology B.A. and minor in IT from the University of Cincinnati, 2013-2017

Why the MAP Program?

After learning about I/O Psychology, I knew this program would be the right path for me at this time. I/O was extremely appealing to me because of the various psychological aspects that are within leadership and the workplace. I loved the flexibility that UC had to offer and knew it was the place to further my education in psychology. After graduation, I hope to find employment in the organizational development or consulting field.


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Jamisha Miniefield

Undergraduate Degree: University of Cincinnati, BS in Psychology 2017

Minor: Organizational Leadership

Hometown: Columbus, Ohio

Interest Area: Industrial Organizational Psychology

My research interests broadly includes: Diversity and inclusion in organizations, organizational justice, and recruitment and retention of minority’s in organizations.  I chose the MAP Program because I believe the support system I built within the Psychology department during my undergraduate career would further assist in developing me into a competitive doctoral applicant. After I complete the MAP program, I will continue my education pursuing a Ph.D. in Industrial Organizational Psychology. I plan to become a professor teaching and continuing my research by developing initiatives and training programs to reconstruct the current climate for diversity in organizations and academic institutions. 

Parinita Raghavendra

Parinita Raghavendra

Bachelor of arts in psychology: Fergusson College ( Savitribai Phule Pune University) 

Post graduate diploma in human resource management- symbiosis international university 

-Work experience: 

Internships in HR departments of a) Walchandnagar Industries Limited b) Bhushan Steels Limited c) Icon 

Worked as a dance instructor and performing artist at Shiamak Davar international (2012-2017) 

-interest area:


-Why the map program? Where do you hope to be when you graduate?

The course curriculum is uniquely aligned with my interests, gives an opportunity to network with real companies in the field.  The capstone project provides an opportunity to attain real time experience in a relevant firm which will give a lot of insight on the working of a company and how psychology is applied on an everyday basis. 

On graduation I would like to work as an OD consultant in a consulting firm. Being a professional dancer, I would like to work even in a performing arts or media company as an organizational psychologist.


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Katie Renner

Undergraduate Degree: BA Psychology & Honors Sociology, Mount Allison University, 2017

Interest Area: Community

Why the MAP Program: I chose the MAP program because of the opportunities it will give me to receive a well-rounded education. I appreciate that while the program has required courses in Psychology, I can continue to take courses from other departments that are of interest to me. I also have a personal interest in social/community psychology, so I like how the MAP program offers a focus in that subject. After graduation, I would like to pursue a PhD or PsyD in Clinical Psychology, with the hopes of one day specializing in PTSD treatment. I would like to focus on working with military veterans/first responders and their families. If given the opportunity, I’d also like to conduct research on PTSD.


Tyler Smith

I graduated from Wittenberg University in 2016, where I kicked on the football team, with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a minor in neuroscience. I took a year off of school to start my own non-profit with my family, Smith Brain Connections, which connects health care professionals to educational opportunities about the brain and trauma to better support Traumatic Brain Injury patients and their families. More information about my non-profit and why we formed can be found at I chose UC because I liked the small class sizes and the fact that the program can be completed in just a year (although being very rigorous). I developed an interest in the Industrial/Organizational Psychology field over the course of the last few years and when I found out I could take classes to help my non-profit grow as well as working toward a job in the field, the program just made a lot of sense.


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