Graduation Requirements

What Does the Curriculum Look Like?

The MAP requires 30 hours of graduate coursework, as shown on the following page.  As the curriculum suggests, students may pursue a non-thesis or thesis option when completing the program. We recommend that those students moving into industry or public sector position select the non-thesis option, which requires an applied project with a professor or an internship with a local organization.

Those wishing to prepare for doctoral studies, in contrast, should undertake a guided thesis. One option is to take three hours of independent research with a professor in the Fall and three hours of Capstone credits in the Spring in order to complete the thesis.


Core (9 hours)

PSYC7014: Grad Stat I (Fall)

PSYC7021: Applied Social – or -- PSYC7035: Cognitive (Fall)

PSYC7063: Program Evaluation (Fall)

Required Focus Area Course (3 hours) – select one

PSYC6004: I/O Psychology (Fall)

PSYC7005: Community Psychology (Spring)

Advanced QR Training (3 hours) – select one

PSYC7015: Grad Stat II (Spring)

PSYC7064:  Part two of Program Evaluation with Data (Spring)

Electives (12 hours):

PSYC7021: Applied Social Psychology (Fall)

PSYC7035: Cognitive (Fall)

PSYC7090: Research (Spring and Fall, can be used to work toward thesis)

OLHR8099: Research in HR (Spring and Fall, can be used to work toward thesis)

EDST7093:  Learning, Working, Thriving in Groups (TBD)

OLHR8029: Individual Behavior in the Workplace (Fall)

OLHR8084: Diversity in the Workplace (Spring)

OLHR8010: Organization Development & Change (Fall)

OLHR8090: Strategic Leadership for HR (Spring)

Other courses from outside of the department are available as elective options, but do require pre-approval from Dr. Holloway. There is a limit of 6 credits that can be taken from outside of the program. Some of these may include:

Sociology (Urban Inequality, Sociology of the Black Family, Qualitative Sociology – which would count as 2nd QR course, and Gender Work & Family)

Social Work (Family Violence, Grant Writing)

Capstone (3 hours)

Thesis or non-thesis option (Spring)

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  • Go to to check on all updated deadlines. You will need to register early by paying the appropriate fee. The deadline for applying for graduation is typically within the first two weeks of the semester you plan to graduate. We cannot register you for graduation; you will have to do it yourself. 

  • Ensure that in addition to the required coursework you have completed your Capstone requirements and the program portfolio by week 7 of the semester you intend to graduate.

  • If you choose to complete a thesis, you must also submit that to the graduate school in your application. Please keep in mind that all application material must be reviewed by the graduate school and submission by the deadline is necessary.