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Cathleen Christine Stough

Title: Asst Professor
Office: 5130A EDWARDS 1 Edwards Center
Tel: 513-556-5589
Email: odarcc@ucmail.uc.edu

Cathy Stough is a pediatric psychologist with clinical and research interest in child eating behaviors, nutrition, and obesity. Her past research has examined eating behaviors among children with autism spectrum disorder and evaluation of outcomes of family-based weight management programs for children and adolescents. She is particularly interested in weight management and eating behaviors of young children, including preschoolers, toddlers, and infants. Her current research projects are focused on whether child appetite characteristics (e.g., satiety responsiveness, food responsiveness) and parental feeding behaviors (e.g., using food to calm the child) or beliefs (e.g., fear of the child being underweight) predict high weight-for-length percentiles during infancy (a risk factor for future obesity). Additionally, Dr. Stough is investigating whether infants with high weight-for-length display delays in obtainment of developmental milestones (e.g., delayed motor skills). 

Dr. Stough is also director of the Healthy Kids Lab. To learn more about research projects being conducted in the Healthy Kids Lab, please visit the lab website at: https://homepages.uc.edu/psychology/odarcc/


  • PhD, University of Kansas (Clinical Child Psychology).
  • MA, University of Dayton (Clinical Psychology).
  • BA, University of Cincinnati (Psychology).

Research Information

Research Support

  • (PI), Stough (PI), Healthy Introduction of Complementary Foods: An Obesity Prevention Program, University of Cincinnati, University Research Council. $7,500. 08-2018 to 07-2019. Status: Active.
  • (PI), Stough, Cathleen, Stough URC Faculty Research Cost Support Awards 2018, UC's University Research Council. (Stough – URC research cost award March 2018), $7,499.00. 05-01-2018 to 06-30-2019. Status: Active.
  • (PI), Stough, Cathleen, URS Stough New Faculty Development Award – 2017/18, UC's Research Support. (URS Stough New Faculty Development Award – 2017/18), $2,500.00. 06-01-2018 to 06-30-2019. Status: Active.


Peer-reviewed Publications

  • Pona, A. A., Dreyer Gillette, M. L., Odar Stough, C., Gerling, J. K., & Sweeney, B. R. (2017). Long-term outcomes of a multidisciplinary weight management intervention for youth with special needs. Childhood Obesity, 13, 455-461.
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