Center for Organizational Leadership History & Values

The Center for Organizational Leadership (COL) was formed in 2002 as an interdisciplinary unit within the College of Arts and Sciences. For many years, the COL focused its efforts on building and strengthening its two degree programs: a Bachelor's in Organizational Leadership and a Master's in Human Resources. In September, 2009, Dr. Donna Chrobot-Mason was named the Director of COL. Also, in 2009, the COL was merged with the Psychology Department. As a result of this merger and the restructuring that resulted, both the mission and the role of its Director were redefined. In partnership with Psychology, the COL decided to refocus its mission to extend beyond its two degree programs and begin to build a Center that is recognized for excellence in leadership, education, research, and service, specifically with a focus on leadership across boundaries at regional and national levels.

The new vision that emerged includes a focus on leadership across boundaries.

Center Values

  • The COL attracts and supports scholars from diverse disciplines and organizations involved in the study of leadership.
  • The COL recognizes the utility of integrating research and practice and the value of embracing different disciplinary approaches to understand the sources of effective leadership in a "boundaryless" world.
  • The faculty fellows value collaboration among scholars, organizations, and students.