Center for Organizational Leadership Fellows

The COL Faculty Fellows is a group of leadership scholars from a variety of disciplines (including psychology, communication, and management), with an interest and focus on leadership in organizations, specifically leadership across boundaries.

The following seven members comprise what has become known as the Center for Organizational Leadership Faculty Fellows Group.

  1. Dr. Chrobot-Mason (Associate Professor, Director of the Center for Organizational Leadership, Psychology Department).
  2. Dr. Stacie Furst-Holloway (Assistant Professor, Director of MA in Psychology)
  3. Dr. Ted Dass (Field Service Instructor in the Center for Organizational Leadership, Psychology Department)
  4. Dr. Gail Fairhurst (Professor, Communication Department)
  5. Dr. Suzanne Boys (Assistant Professor, Communication Department)
  6. Dr. Suzanne Masterson (Associate Professor, Management Department)
  7. Dr. Elaine Hollensbe (Associate Professor, Management Department)

Collectively, the Fellows hold a unique body of knowledge and expertise in leadership across boundaries. As a group, we have examined the unprecedented challenges leaders face as they lead across boundaries that exist due to demographics, organizational level or identity, geographic location, and ideological philosophy. Contemporary leaders now find themselves leading on shaky ground. Collectively, we have examined a variety of tools and strategies leaders use to navigate this unsteady terrain.

The cross-disciplinary group meets monthly to present research findings, share information and resources pertaining to the teaching and study of leadership, and pursue the objectives of the Center.

Activities Related to Faculty Development Grant Award

In 2010, The Center for Organizational Leadership Faculty Fellows group was awarded a Faculty Development Award. The grant is funding the following activities:

  • Hold an interactive roundtable discussion at the 2010 International Leadership Association Conference to expand the Fellows network and lay the foundation for future site visits.
  • Conduct two leadership center site visits to develop the Fellows' capacity to conduct cross-disciplinary research and deliver training,
  • Support the COL Director's attendance at a leadership training program at the Center for Creative Leadership to further strengthen our relationship with CCL and learn more about the process of leadership development from a premier training institution.
  • Sponsor a visiting scholar from the Center for Creative Leadership to engage the UC community and corporate leaders in an ongoing discussion on leadership across boundaries and establish a long-term relationship between the Faculty Fellows and the Center for Creative Leadership.
  • Hold a professional development workshop at the 2011 Academy of Management Conference to bring the Fellows and like-minded scholars together to establish a broader scholarly community around the topic of leadership across boundaries.

Through these five activities, the COL Faculty Fellows group will be able to identify models of success, strengthen its identity, expand its network, and develop a plan for offering leadership workshops and training to UC and other organizations within the Cincinnati region.