Frequently Asked Questions

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Service Director: Quintino R. Mano, Ph.D.

Is a comprehensive assessment of cognition and achievement needed?Yes. According to the USOE, a specific learning disorder (SLD) is a "disorder of one or more psychological processes involved in understanding or in using language..." As such, a comprehensive assessment is required to measure each of those "psychological processes" and determine what may be contributing to the specific learning disability. Please understand that it is not sufficient to diagnose a learning disability based only on achievement testing. Comprehensive assessment of broad cognitive abilities is required.

It is really important to understand that a comprehensive assessment provides information necessary not only for the diagnosis of a learning disability but also for the planning of individualized interventions. Without a comprehensive assessment, you (and your child) are more likely to become frustrated with incomplete answers.

What is a comprehensive psychological assessment? You can expect the following:

  • Clinical interview
  • Administration of standardized cognitive, achievement, and neuropsychological tests
  • Broad and specific assessment of intellectual, academic, and social-emotional functioning
  • Review of relevant school records and/or medical records (if available)
  • Obtaining of information from collateral sources (i.e., teachers; if available)
  • Theory-driven conceptualization of "what is going on"
  • Full psychological report with recommendations
  • Feedback session to review results and discuss our conceptualization
  • Intervention assessment to determine which reading intervention is most appropriate for your child based on their immediate response
  • Follow-up assessment and monitoring to determine response to intervention

Our assessments last approximately 5-6 hours and are conducted in 1 day. These questionnaires are designed to assess your child's social-emotional functioning, and will provide an objective picture of your childs' functinoing that will complement the information we obtain during the interivew. During our interview with you, you will be asked about your child’s developmental and family history, functioning at home and in school, as well as reviewing any previous testing and intervention services. Children and adolescents will be tested individually while parents wait in our waiting room. Parents are required to be in the Behavioral Health Center at all times during the assessment.

A feedback meeting--to discuss the results--can be held over the phone and is scheduled at a mutually convenient time. We also have Ph.D. students in School Psychology that will attend feedback meetings, providing parents with instructions on how best to implement our recommendations at home.

What is our insurance policy? Our psychologists are not providers with any insurance plans. As such, payment is required at the time of the assessment appointment. 

Do we provide reading and math therapy? No, at the moment we are not offering therapy services.

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$600 for child assessment