Frequently Asked Questions

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Service Director: Quintino R. Mano, Ph.D.

Is a comprehensive assessment of cognition and achievement needed? Yes. According to the USOE, a specific learning disorder (SLD) is a "disorder of one or more psychological processes involved in understanding or in using language..." As such, a comprehensive assessment is required to measure each of those "psychological processes" and determine what may be contributing to the specific learning disability. 

What is a comprehensive psychological assessment? You can expect the following:

  • Brief clinical interview of relevant background
  • Administration of standardized cognitive/intellectual, achievement, and (if needed) neuropsychological tests
  • Review of relevant school records and/or medical records (if available)
  • Theory-driven conceptualization of "what is going on"
  • Full psychological report with recommendations
  • Feedback session to review results and discuss our conceptualization

Our assessments last 3-4 hours. Children and adolescents will be tested individually while parents wait in our waiting room. Parents are required to be in the Behavioral Health Center during the assessment.

What is our insurance policy? Our psychologists are not providers with any insurance plans. Online credit card payments may be submitted using UC’s Marketplace.

Do we provide reading and math therapy? No, at the moment we are not offering therapy services.

Is the clinic busy? What is the average wait time for an appointment? Our clinic is busy during the Spring, Fall and Winter seasons. Because our clinic is a training clinic for Ph.D. graduate students, we do much of our training over the Summer. The wait time for an appointment is typically 3 months. We do maintain a wait list for all interested families.

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$600 for child assessment