Adult Psychological Assessment Services

The Behavioral Health Center provides testing to UC students and community members to identify learning disabilities, Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and other issues that might make it difficult for students to achieve in school.

What happens during an assessment?

Our team works with you for 3-4 hours to administer intelligence and achievement tests. We will also ask you to complete surveys to help us understand how things are going for you. Based on all this information, we will create a report and recommendations detailing ideas that might help you function better in school. If you wish, you can share this report with Disability Services or other people.

Do I need an assessment?

If you are struggling with your academics and think you might have a learning disability or other issue that makes it hard for you to do well in school, contact us to find out if our services are right for you.

Is there a fee for the assessment?

Although most LD/ADHD assessments cost $1000-$1500, assessments in our clinic are more affordable. The current fee for a standard assessment is $500 (payable at time of service) and includes all of the following services: interview, diagnostic psychometric assessment, report, and one feedback session. We can accept UC Student Health Insurance (if referred by UC’s Student Health Service), cash, or check. We do not have resources for billing or extended payments.

Adult Psychological Assessment Brochure