What is Security Studies?

Security Studies offers students the opportunity to gain specialized understanding of the multidimensional aspects of international and national security, including:

  • Homeland and domestic security
  • International security issues
  • Security in different regions of the world
  • Human security and human rights

The security studies expertise in the department rests at the nexus of theory and policy and can help prepare students for careers in academic research, government policy, and emergency management fields among many others.

Success Factors

Success factors vary and can be customized to students' individual skills and interests. For example, those who are interested in information technologies can develop variety of skills needed by public and private entities to analyze security problems and develop response strategies. Alternatively, those with visual and verbal learning style can concentrate on learning critical foreign languages as there is a demand for such skills in government, the private sector and international organizations. Those interested in research careers with think-tanks, or in going on to graduate programs, can focus on research and writing on security issues. Strong inter-personal skills, love of travel, and cross-cultural communication are essential for a successful career in international security.

Career Possibilities

Recipients of the Certificate in Security Studies pursue careers with the following kinds of employers:

  • Governmental agencies (e.g. Department of Homeland Security, Department of Defense, FBI, CIA)
  • Non-governmental sector (e.g. advocacy groups, lobby firms)
  • Local governments
  • Private companies
  • Private contractors
  • Foreign Service
  • Think-tanks
  • Academia